The 7 Diplomatic System On How To Stop Procrastination And Take Actions Immediately




How to stop procrastination comes with a determination, because Procrastination itself is an act of laziness of time management. we all are familiar with the word Procrastination, that's why when we procrastinate, we dissipate our free time and then put off our important tasks at hand. If you are someone who is fighting with Procrastination, you will come to see how frustrating it can be, to live up to  what you said. no matter how you try or dream to be a better you, you'll come to find out that is not easy until you struggle your way through from procrastination.

No matter how much we try or even talk about Procrastination you will see that Procrastination is of different varieties, just have it in mind that Procrastination itself is a barrier that will hinder you from getting up, block you from making your decisions in life, and then holding you from leaving the kind of dream life you ever wanted or thought of living.

Causes Of Procrastination.

There are so many causes of Procrastination, and knowing the causes of Procrastination helps people understand why they Procrastinate, and also how they will overcome the habit of Procrastination.
These causes include the following.

1; Fear Of Failure.

2; Low Self_ Esteem.

3: Lack Of Energy.

4; Trouble Focusing.

5; Fear Of Criticism.

6; Emotional Regulation.

7; Waiting Until The Last Time.

8; Depression.

9; Time Perspectives.

10. Personality Traits.

11. Decision Making Style.

All these are some of the main causes of Procrastination.

Types Of Procrastination And How Stop Procrastination 

1; The Perfectionist:

These sets of people are very funny, they're another type of Procrastinator when you're with them. They are always striving for the best, and nothing but the best, to the point of even criticizing their own work, reason because the thought of always doing their things perfectly is overwhelming and then stressing them out.
The funny part about these people is that they always like putting pressure on themselves, to the point of setting a lot of unrealistic goals that are never possible.

2: The Dreamer:

I call these sets of people daydreamers because they often think that it's more congenial to think about all kinds of abstract things than focusing on the less interesting things at hand. When you come in contact with them, all that they dream or think about should fall in their lap as a platinum of gold without stress. They have developed the idea that they don't need to work hard before their dream comes to reality.

3; The Crisis Maker:

This type of procrastinator always likes to push things in a deliberate hour, the very last minute, they enjoy the habit of pushing back their work or anything they are doing until the very last second when it's too late.

To them, they find every deadline more exciting with the belief that they work best when working under pressure, which then causes them to manage their time poorly.

This type of procrastinator also believes that in order for them to be motivated to do their tasks on they need more stress together with their pressure just to alleviate their boredom and it's not done anywhere.



How To Stop Procrastination

How To Stop Procrastination

Coming down to our main target on how to stop Procrastination, then you will see an outline of an approach that will guide you on how to subdue Procrastination.
In order for you to stop Procrastination your first target should be your set goal. In the following section, you will learn more about each step in stopping Procrastination and how to use it effectively.

1; Set Goal:

The very first step in making decisions in life or anything related to your future  firstly should be goal setting. This is important because by so doing it will help you figure out what exactly you want or what you want to accomplish. Oftentimes, the thought of accomplishing one big task can seem overwhelming to us, especially starting from the beginning to the end of the road can seem impossible task to take.

Part of the reason why we procrastinate is that each of our tasks at hand always seems daunting. So in setting your goals always make sure that those goals you are about to set are goals that are achievable and meaningful not just an ordinary goal setting. And I tell you once you set your goal, you will see yourself moving into the next phase of your life. That's one the best ways to stop procrastination.


2: Change Your Environment.

How to stop procrastination comes with when you change your environment. Every environment has its different ways that impact our productivity. It's a balanced equation, when  your environment is helping you or hindering your productivity. If you are the type that sees temptations regularly, you are likely to be distracted by your environment, and before you know it Procrastination creeps in.

One thing every individual needs to know is that, if your environment makes you feel inspired or makes you feel relaxed and all of a sudden you don’t feel that vibe any more, it only tells you, you’ve got to change the things around you, make a change in your environment, at list try to remove every distraction from your environment this help to stop procrastination.

3: Forgive Yourself.


3: Forgive Yourself. How to stop procrastination


This is one of the ultimate ways on how to stop procrastination. Forgive yourself no matter how bad your past may be, you just have to let go. Self-forgiveness is "typical accomplishment by a voice of changing one's behaviour in the future; which makes it more likely that we'll procrastinate less after we forgive ourselves.

By being mindful of the situation around you, you can still build the habit of self-compassion, and forgiveness, all you just need do is stop beating and hating yourself about the past. Forgiving self should always come from the mind, it is just a self-love you develop gradually, believe me, when you forgive yourself from Procrastination you will help yourself overcome every negative feeling.


4; Get Rid Of Distractions

Getting rid of distraction is another powerful tip to avoid and stop Procrastination, it is very important to get rid of yourself of all disruption before you begin working so you don't fall halfway through your tasks. For example, if you tend to spend more time on Facebook, WhatsApp, and TikTok when you should be writing or studying, the best thing to do at that moment is to cut off the distraction and shut down your phone.

But mind you distraction can not only be your phone or your social media platform, strong distraction can come from your own very siblings, still put it at the back of your mind that distraction can easily derail your progress in life gradually and add to your stress level.
To help you pull out from distraction is either you change your environment, if you are a reading type change the location of your reading, because if you don't do so Procrastination will keep coming until you tackle your distraction.


5: Set Deadlines
5: Set Deadlines: how to stop procrastination

This is another step to take on how to stop Procrastination. So many people always get stuck in one position you will hear them saying 'I'll do it tomorrow no matter what, by so doing you are getting used to the word Procrastination I'll do it today no matter what, why not set a deadline by timing yourself, set a specific date to complete your tasks. Break down your tasks by creating a timeline with a well-grounded deadline for each task.

You can come up by setting deadlines, weekly, daily, monthly, you might not even be able to convince your own self to make or even settle a deadline, but you just have to do it, keep speaking to yourself I can get this work done today, in other for me to have a free day tomorrow.

One secret way I've experienced about setting a deadline for Procrastination is by taking challenges, it has worked for me and I know it will work for you.

6: Get Organized

You are not the only one suffering from Procrastination, everyone suffers from Procrastination, and everyone procrastinates, just that the difference with some, is some procrastinate from time to time, and some push through by overcoming the habit of Procrastination.

You can’t scale through if you don’t know what you want, or what you want to achieve, but if you want to break out from it, you organize yourself. Invest in a planning program, and keep track record of all your assignments, and other stuff at hand. When you are organized it will give you a more orderly way to handle things.


7; Reward Yourself


7; Reward Yourself: how to stop procrastination


Establish a reward for yourself, if possible take yourself out, promises you've been making yourself, just reward yourself by breaking that Procrastination habit. Don’t wait for anyone to give you the green light before you change. if you can find a way to make the benefits you have been keeping for long then it becomes easier to avoid Procrastination.

Tell yourself once I finish my research if there is anything I will do for myself is travelling for a vacation to visit some countries I have in mind.

This little guide is meant to be a magisterial source, which will help you in solving your own Procrastination problem once and for all.


In Conclusion,

This guide is quite broad since we all know Procrastination is a well complex problem that requires a very thorough solution. And I've been able to break down the causes of Procrastination, the types of Procrastination, what is Procrastination, and how to avoid it. I hope you study through with a very good understanding. If you find it interesting kindly drop a comment in the comment section, don’t forget to share


In Conclusion

7; Reward Yourself



xoxo, Denoshe
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