Feminine Energy: The 7 Significant Ways On How to Boost Your Feminine Energy





In every individual, there are two types of energies they carry inside,( feminine energy, and masculine energy,) these two energies are not determine by gender. The feminine energy is contrary to masculine energy reason because feminine energy works with the continuous life, death and rebirth cycle, it's dynamic and flowing. It's all about embracing your intuition and your creativity, in all ( feminine energy is kind, it's compassionate, and it's free.)

Feminine energy embodies the natural rhythm of life and nature, it is the energy that is consider to be the opposite trait but it associate with masculine energy.

While that of masculine energy is far different from feminine energy, masculine energy is like DRIVE, They like being action-oriented, creating structures, and creating rules, they are very stable and in all they are predictable. Here are some characteristics of masculine energy.

1: They protect.

2: They are independent.

3; They think clearly.

4;' They are man-made.

5: They can solve problems.

6: They are fond of challenges. 



Feminine Energy And Masculine Energy.

These two energies are quite different but in a way, they are intertwine, although it can sometimes be difficult to bring the two energies into harmony with one another. Growing up, we came to learn as women if we want to "SUCCEED" and gain power like men, all we need do is ditch all our feminine traits, which then leads us to run heavily on our inner masculine nature all in the name we feminine want to be "SUCCESSFUL LIKE THE MEN".

Many people believe that feminine energy is a strong sign of weakness and fragility Unfortunately to them feminine energy includes COMPASSION AND INTUITION which gives us strength. For us to balance ourselves we need both feminine energy and masculine energy, these two energies have their gift, but when together they complete each other and then create a beautiful sense of harmony. Once you come to find out that feminine and masculine energies power is with you then you can use them confidently to fulfil your life journey.


The Difference Between Feminine Energy And Masculine Energy 

Masculine energy mostly associate with the words STRENGTH, AGGRESSION, AND PROTECTION. If this energy is not found in you, it can lead you to tiredness and stress, the positive result of using this energy helps us to create a reality by setting goals and plans in motion to achieve them.

Of Feminine energy. This energy is use to create a sense of abidance by allowing the natural unfolding of our dreams and our desires, this energy works with LIFE, DEATH AND REBIRTH CYCLE. And is all about __ HEALING PROCESS,&NURTURING PROCESS.

feminine energy is one who loves to create something new out of nothing. It also works to connect us to the present moment, bringing us back to the present.

When we take time to understand the difference between feminine energy and masculine energy, then we will learn how to express ourselves in all areas of our lives including manifesting our goal in abundance.

How Feminine Energy Affects Relationships.

We all had relationships that didn't work out and we keep wondering what went wrong, a relationship that is built between two people can fall at any time into discord when the masculine partner has default too far over their feminine tendencies, and the feminine partner has default too far over their masculine tendencies When the relationship is totally out of balance then it starts to deteriorate with solid frequent misunderstanding, conflict and disconnection.

Successful relationships are the exchange of both energies, it's never successful with one energy but two energies, the goal impact for a successful relationship is being able to make a clear decision, and being able to communicate clearly and effectively without feeling you have something to depend on or prove, relationship needs to be smooth and fair, This makes it easier for people to trust your judgement because at the end of the day they come to find out there is no hidden agenda behind what you do.

Cultivating a close relationship with feminine energy will unlock your capacity for nurturing your strength and live your life filled with contentment.



live your life filled with contentment. Feminine Energy

How To Boost Your Feminine Energy.

1: Mediate

This is not only a powerful tool for feminine energy but it's a great way for you to awaken the feminine power and energy which has always been in you, just a little touch of meditation will wake you.

Meditation Skyrock you to get in touch with your leading energy, it also helps to reduce negative emotions and increase your self-awareness. The more you put in more effort to Meditation the more you connect your heart and inner wisdom to your feminine energy and power.


2: Prepare A Nourishing Self-care Routine.

Giving yourself or showing yourself love when it comes to feminine energy is very important, it helps to nurture your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

When you spend good quality time taking good care of yourself, you are gradually letting go of your masculine energy and getting back to your feminine energy. This self-care routine includes the following.

Yoga classes, visiting a spar, taking a warm bath, going to the salon, getting a professional manicure, writing a journal, taking a long walk, cooking a delicious meal, and going for lunch with a friend.

When you keep up with all these routines, you are secretly telling yourself that you are a priority and even if other things are as important as work, you are actually more important than that.


3: Let Your Creativity Flow
3: Let Your Creativity Flow. Feminine Energy


When you trap yourself in creativity you are connecting to your feminine energy gradually, feminine energy describes women as a creative force, creativity can be of different forms, it could be painting, writing, or building up a new project, some may come in the form of dancing, singing, making beautiful things, giving people latest fashion styles.

Most of the time the act of creating something new out of nothing is a feminine trait. no matter how little it may be, getting yourself permission to just be creative is very vital to your mental health as a woman, trust yourself as a woman to be open to creativity and trust whatever flows through you, it will amaze you to see how beautiful your feminine energy look.


4: Connect With Nature And Sense.

As feminine, nature is the best way to embrace sensuality, nature is a pure feminine energy, so it's advisable to spend more time with nature, nature will clear your head and give you another sense of reasoning. visit places like jungles, parks, forests and oceans, nature helps to reconnect you with the natural world and helps you cultivate a sense of interconnectedness.

5: Practice Communication.

Learn to develop healthy communication skills as a feminine reason because communication skills help to improve your thoughts, and your sense of thinking, and also it helps in being receptive to other's perspectives.

Every woman who excused feminine energy communicates not only assertively but also softly. The act of assertiveness has to do with communicating your thoughts with respect without violating other people's boundaries.

6: Value Spontaneously And Play.
6: Value Spontaneously And Play. Feminine Energy


We humans spend so much of our time doing things that are too rigid and too serious, truth be told and let us all be honest with ourselves, we don't pay attention to vacation, we don't pay attention to rest, in as much as we need this two elements as humans, we are just one-sided way with work, work work, without even having time for ourselves to experience the spontaneous aspects of life, we all need rest, not just sleeping rest, but the kind of rest where you experience the flow of nature. our mind needs to relax and think properly.

You don't need to be given a go-ahead before taking yourself out for vacation, on your own, you can do that without the help of anybody, all you need do, is take yourself out on a weekend Friday to Sunday and enjoy the free flow of life, better still, you can take a LEAVE AT YOUR OFFICE it could be two weeks or a month depending on the nature of your job, the reason for all this, is just for your to enjoy the spontaneous flow of life, taking care of your mental health is one good thing you shouldn't play with. Your feminine energy isn't complete without your mental health and your sanity. Life is a thing of choice enjoy now when you can.


7: Do Things That Make You Feminine.

What makes me feminine? What I like doing can be totally different from what makes you feminine, and what you like doing is two different things. As for me what makes me feminine is wearing of latest luxury dresses, bags shoes, going on a date, decorating my room with designer wear, cooking, taking hot baths, hanging out with friends, and making new clothes.

These are some of the things I like doing that make me feel feminine, so it's best for you to look at that which makes you look feminine and stick to that. Remember every feminine energy is a free flow just let it flow through you.



feminine energy is a unique energy that brings out the best in a personal individual.



Save this for later


Save this for later. Feminine Energy



xoxo, Denoshe
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