How To Glow Up


How To Glow Up


Over time when we hear the word glow-up, what comes to mind is our skin looking good and beautiful, we give little or no attention to our inner self but focus more on our outward appearance, for the last few years, my glow-up focus has mainly been from changing myself from within then outwardly. From within, I focus more on my personality, close the door to people pleasing, and give myself the perfect treat I deserve.

I also did a major cleanup on myself outwardly, and taking care of myself outwardly changed so many things around me, I felt the need to change so many things about me because I was no more the person I once was. All these happen naturally but I became purpose-driven by it when I intentionally decided to glow up from my inside out.


What Is Glow Up?

glow up is all about "willpower" something you are willing to do on your own. Glow up is all about you transforming yourself for the better be it emotional, mental, or physical growth, it's a personal journey that you choose just for yourself that leads to you feeling more confident beauty and you derive joy in so doing.

Glowing up doesn't happen overnight, nor is it restricted to any age, time, or gender, Glowing up happens when you put in constant time and effort to achieve better results of what you want. For some set of people, it can take them 5 to 7 months just for the glowing process and then achieving a positive transformation. Always remember that beauty comes from within and can happen as quickly as possible when you put your mind to it.

If you are in the shoes of wanting to glow up but don't know how to go about it, you are in the right place so kindly follow me as I drop the tips that are require for your glowing process.





follow me as i drop the tips that is require for your glowing process.: How To Glow Up



1: Drink A Lot of Water

Glow-up happens from the inside out like I said earlier, and water is the key to helping you look your best every day. There is always a saying water is life without water one can't survive. Water gives you energy, it gives you life, and then flushes out every unnecessary particle in the system.

The only best thing you can do for your skin and get a better result is to drink a lot of water. Water helps you to remain hydrated and helps in preventing dryness. The main work of water is that it helps flush out every toxin from our body by so doing giving your skin a full bright appearance.

Take up the habit of drinking some glass of water whenever you wake up from bed in the morning, drink eight glasses of water daily, and then see the benefits at the end of the day.

Inadequate intake of water is an alarming condition that can affect your skin negatively so it's advisable to drink eight glass cups of water daily, I for one have made it mandatory to have a water bottle with me to keep myself hydrated and live a healthy practice.


2: Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to glow up, most people feel exercise is meant for those who are fat or those who want to keep fit, but exercise is not just meant for them if you intend to glow up then regular exercise should be part of your routine to glow up.

Glowing up is not complete without the help of exercise. Exercise helps to balance our skin and maintain a good healthy lifestyle. If you exercise regularly don't take exercise for granted, regular exercise helps to lose weight (that's if you choose to), and it also helps to improve your skin and tone your muscles, for those who want to glow, make exercise a regular part and parcel of your routine.

Note when you exercise to look healthy you eat good food to stay healthy, and you don't burn out calories then go back to junk and bad eating habits. That's why number (3) the next step on how to glow up will teach you what to consume to look healthy and glow




3. Eat Healthy Food


3. Eat Healthy Food. How to glow up


It's possible to achieve a glowing skin without spending much money, how is it possible? it's possible when you eat well-balanced healthy food, food with protein and a lot of vitamins.

Avoid the habit of eating junk food, instead of junk food get extra vitamins and extra mineral sources such as green vegetables. e.t.c

The nutrients in vegetables and fruits help to boost your muscles, give you healthy skin, and cause your system, to function properly. One thing you need to know is that the type of food you eat affects your skin in a good and bad way, that is why it's advisable to focus on eating antioxidant foods that are rich in nutrients then good for the body. And consume a lot of fruits with high vitamin C because that is what your body needs.

Examples of fruit include Apples, oranges, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, pineapple, pawpaw e.t.c All these fruits mentioned will help boost your metabolism, which in turn softens your skin, by giving you a well natural glow-up skin and at the same time helps you become physical fit. Health is life so eat well and live your life to the fullest.


4: Get Sound Sleep

Glowing up is not complete without the help of sleep, funny enough our body doesn't need stress but we still do things that stress us up, we work to earn money to cater to our needs and resolve different challenges we face, but that doesn't mean you won't take care of your sanity.

Getting enough good sleep is a must remedy to improve your appearance, it's a fact that when you rest your skin repairs itself from daily damage to a new balance cell. After the stress of the day, or when you have little spare time at your place of work, give yourself a good sleep, it helps to reset your brain to function properly.

When you get home don't deprive yourself from sleep with the distraction from your phone or television, don't give yourself to distraction. Have a fixed time you go to bed and make sure your eight Hours of sleep is complete, when you sleep your body boosts blood flow from the skim and when you wake up, you look healthy. But when you lack sleep you start developing wrinkles on your face over time so is advisable to give your body the proper sleep it deserves.


5: Learn To Meditate

When we hear the word meditation oftentimes we are disinterested, most of the time you tell yourself I can't sit for one hour or sit under a tree for some reason when you have a better time for other things.

But the truth is meditation shapes your mind, relaxes the mind, and helps in controlling anxiety. when you are at peace everything around you will be at peace. Your mental, emotional health and every part of you will find rest. Evading every negativity out of your head gives you a sense of calmness and peace of mind. Meditation also makes your skin glow.

But you will want to say I can't do meditation for such a long hour. You can start with 30 minutes of meditation, you can do it in your home, and start having this consciousness of healthy living.


6: Work On Your Skin Care Routine 


6: Work On Your Skin Care Routine. How to glow up


A good skincare routine is best for keeping your skin glowing, and self care ideas will put you in check on how to work on your skincare routine. One thing that you should know is that you can't cheat on your skincare routine when trying to glow up, all you need do is adopt a skincare routine that best suits you, make out time to establish a routine for both morning and night, at the same time get a good skincare product that best suit you, have it in mind that consistency is the key for all you do. Here are some tips on how to work on your skincare routine.

**Good facial face cream: Your skincare routine is not complete without a good face mask and facial cream, it's advisable to get a facial cream for your face once a month, set up an appointment with some professional, and then give yourself a good facial massage.

Facial face scrub: Face scrub exfoliates your skin helps in removing dead cells and gives you a smooth face. Applying a face scrub three to Four times a week will give you a proper result.

Not every face scrub works for people, find the face scrub that matches your skin and is good on you then stick with it.

**Cleaning: Cleaning your face morning and night is best for keeping your skin clean and healthy, a good wipe product will help out in cleaning your face morning and night before sleeping with a good hand towel.

**Moisturize: moisturizing with a good product helps the skin to glow. So get a good moisturizer and give your skin the treat it deserves.

***Spa: your body deserves a lot of pampering, giving yourself a spa treat is one way to glow up.


You can apply all these routines and still, there will be a little change because of your pillowcase and bedsheet, how many times do you change your pillow sheet in a month? How many times do you change your bedsheet in a month?

Remember when you sleep your bedsheet and pillowcase come in contact with your body and adsorb dirty and all kinds of oil, if you constantly use the same pillowcase sheet and bedsheet without changing them you are opening your face to more dirty, which will cause your effort on your skincare routine less effective and produce more acne. For a better result change your bedsheet and pillowcase sheet three (3) times a month. 


7: Fragrance Collection

We come across people every time of the day, often times you meet up with some people and their smell is just awful that you can't stand or sit with them for long, for you to glow up and look presentable you must have a collection of perfume, is one of the way to glow, I don't mean you should get all the perfume in the store and put in your collection box or spray on yourself.  

Get a perfume that works best for you and embrace your personality, When you scent nice people will always want to identify with you, this boosts your confidence and causes you to glow up. 




8: Maintain Proper Hygiene 


8: Maintain Proper Hygiene. How to glow up


To glow up, a transformation has to start from your mental health to your physical appearance, it's best you maintain proper hygiene because glowing up is not complete without proper hygiene.

Take care of yourself cut your nails regularly to look neat, if you like to fix nails, fix nails that you are comfortable with, and wash your hair at least twice a month, if you are the type that loves braids always keep a neat braid and style it beautifully, clean your environment, cleanliness they say lead to godliness, don't just take care of your look, let your beauty start from your environment, be neat inside out, from your rooms to your surrounding.

wear neat clothes, take care of both your inner and outward appearance, and keep a clean look. I once had the habit of wearing clothes two to three times without washing them, I always said to myself it was not yet dirty and it was becoming a habit, I started hipping clothes in my room, when I realize the damage they had on my health I place a stop to it. Always wear neat clothes and free your room from dirty bags.



9: Put Smiles On Your Face

There might not be a reason to smile when life can be difficult at times with the struggle for survival when there are a lot of bills and things to Carter for. However, in any situation you find yourself always see a reason to smile, in good and bad times.

Smiling is one of the best medicine for you to glow and look beautiful, the more you smile the younger you look. Smiling is a confidence booster that gives you an assurance of hope. Always indulge yourself in smiling



10: Flush Out Toxic People From Your Life 


10: Flush Out Toxic People From Your Life


Having toxic people in your life can be draining, especially when you try to please them to displease yourself it can make you look unkept which is not good for your health.

For you to glow up, you have to cut toxic people out of your life, this is one of the best ways to improve your mental health and your emotional well-being.

You enjoy the best of life when you have peace of mind, people who don't make an impact in your life are meant to be cut off totally, reason because they end up bringing bad energy to your life.

Therefore you must surround yourself with positive people if you want to glow up. Surround yourself with People who love and support you.



11: Be Empowered.

For you to glow up and be above your peers you have to be empowered You can never be idol, being idol is never part of the game. You can't look beautiful and stunning outwardly without being empowered. Empowerment Is the capstone of how to glow up. 

You only glow up from within if you have full confidence in yourself, and the only way for you to do that is to boost yourself with Inspirational quotes, books messages e.t.c listen to motivational speeches, if you keep on listening to things that boost your mood and energy then you realize that empowering yourself is the only best way to glow up. 

Do the things that give you joy, whether it is bagging a degree, becoming an investor, having your business, or whatsoever, empower yourself with it, and add more colour to your feather. Be an example and a role modern to many.

All these impacts you have on people positively and with you empowering yourself will make you glow up more confidently.


In Conclusion

Life is beautiful, life is sweet, life is peaceful, all these works when you know how to glow up, glow up basically involving anything you could possibly do just to improve your mind or yourself.


 For Later 


 For Later: How To Glow Up


xoxo, Denoshe
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