How To Stop Living From Paycheck To Paycheck And Get Hold Of Your Finance For Yourself


Living paycheck to paycheck


How can someone live his/her life around a paycheck? The economy is gradually becoming tough, the cost of living is inflating, and the paychecks given are practically not enough to cost a Living, so how can one live from paycheck to paycheck? The word paycheck means a check issued in payment of wages or salary. So living from paycheck to paycheck isn't as easy as you think. Also, living from Paycheck to paycheck, means using all your paycheck until the next one shows up, and at times it can be so disheartening depending on paycheck especially when there is no means of any income elsewhere and this has a way it affects your mental health.

I know some persons who live a large life, only to end up running out of cash even before payday comes. Some people borrow to survive before payday comes, and when the paycheck eventually comes they end up spending it on debt, which leaves them with nothing. Now the question is how can one stop living from paycheck to paycheck to have a standard life?

Note --- Trying to cover up some bills when you run out of cash at the end of the month can be frustrating, you've got to figure out how to survive by putting your head together, at the same time you don't have enough saved for later. Now you ask yourself how are you suppose to get ahead till the next paycheck?

Follow me closely, I am going to show you how to stop living from paycheck to paycheck, so you can find some extra money with you before the next paycheck, and finally, you will be able to live your dream and make progress towards achieving your goals.


Tips On How To Stop Living From Paycheck To Paycheck.


Tips On How To Stop Living From Paycheck To Paycheck.

1: Get On A Good Budget 

Getting a good budget can help anyone regardless of their financial state. If you are someone who is stuck living from paycheck to paycheck, learning how to create a good budget can help you a long way to gain full control over your finances. The main goal of a budget is to help you track down your spending expenses to get a clearer picture of where your monthly income goes and then where you can cut back your income on track.

Don't get me wrong budgeting doesn't involve you making a whole ton of chart and details tracking no no, it's just for you to have a definite plan for how you intend to spend your money wisely. funny enough getting a budget is way easier than you think, although it might be intimidating when you have never had a budget plan before, but with time you get use to it when you are consistent with it in planning your money in advance

If you happen to be a minimum wage worker you can also start planning your budget, all you need do is identify your areas of necessities which is very important and these might include.

* Water.

*Basic clothing and self-care.


*Health care.





* Utilities.

* Internet services.

These items listed above can make up the typical essential expenses, but you may have other expenses depending on your situation. The bottom line is that your financial awareness is the key and without it, it will be hard for you to be pressed to know how to change your current problem.

If you don't have any budget at hand,  start by listing out your income and your monthly expenses. The main reason for it is just for you to know how much you are bringing in every month, then  Identify your monthly bills and know where you can cut back. This little knowledge is the key to being able to see where you can start making impactful changes in your finances.



2, Cut Down Bigger Expenses, In Other Not To Live From Paycheck To Paycheck 


2, Cut Down Bigger Expenses. Living paycheck to paycheck


There are just so many big expenses you need to cut down. For example, If your cab fee costs twice your public transport, it's time you make use of that public transport till you get enough. I was once a victim of living above my means, I hardly cook, and most of the time I spend money on cafeteria buying and eating, when I realized how much I spend in a week on cafeteria food, I cut down on that expenses and start cooking food to work. The same thing applies to most of you, find out that typical expenses that eat up your money without yielding fruit and cut it off.

Such big expenses might include unnecessary subscriptions, streaming live Netflix etc to stop running out of cash you have put a stop to unnecessary pleasure. When you reduce all these expenses you will be surprise by how much you can save from all these, finally, get out of eating outside, and set your intentions clear, instead, you cook your meal.

I know you love clothes and shoes but this is not the time for it, cut down on those expenses, there are more pressing matters to use money for. There are goals and dreams to achieve. So therefore focus on the most important subject in your budget and cut down unwanted expenses for your safety.

3: Set Up An Emergency Fund.

An emergency fund is basically a saving buffer, it's an amount of money that is set aside to take care of unexpected expenses Note: you must always have the unexpected. if you don't have an emergency fund, you can't pay or face financial emergency expenses. And when that happens what will you do? It has been observe that unexpected emergencies cause a lot of people to get bills on their necks and at the end of the day, it's hard to get out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

For you to be free from paycheck to paycheck all you need do is set aside some money "every month depending on how you are being paid, or better still every three days a week, it might be hard for those who are not use to saving, but when you know the importance of emergency fund, you will be determine and willing to it up.

There is no amount too small, just come up with a fix amount and always try to deposit it in your emergency fund. Your emergency fund might be a savings box or anything, but you must not have access except for emergencies. Saving helps a lot because the money is there when you need it.


4: Get A Side Hustle

4: Get A Side Hustle. Living paycheck to paycheck

You don't need to kill yourself with just one job, a monthly salary won't pay you any good, no matter how much you try to manage it. Sometimes the quickest answer is to simply make more money at hand, the gig economy is your only best friend. There are so many part-time jobs that you can use as a means of side hustle, or better still learn some hand business on your own and establish with it.

You can consider driving an Uber as a side hustle, but that will be when you are done with your daily work., you can be an online teacher who teaches three times a week within a short frame of time, you can also be a freelance writer. Mind you, you're doing this as a side hustle, in case anything should happen you can see where to fall back to.



5, Live Below Your Means.

A Lot of people live a pretentious life, they try to be who they are not, living an expensive lifestyle to prove a point even if it costs them more than their Expenses they don't care, they just want to prove a point to whoever they think need to see them, forgetting that you own nobody anything,  the only person you owe an explanation to is yourself. Trying to live above your means to prove a point is not worth it.

Never try to do more than yourself, and don't think earning more money makes you a better manager of that money. Learning to live below your means helps you to accumulate more than enough for yourself.

Income doesn't make you wealthy but what makes you wealthy is how you handle your income. Don't increase your income just to live a life you can't complete. Stay on track pay attention to your budget and then stick to it.



If you are tired of being broke, living from paycheck to paycheck, it's hard time to improve your habits to help you break out of that circle.
All you need do is make your intentions plain, be very discipline, and at the same time learn to control your financial life.



Save this for later



Save this for later





xoxo, Denoshe
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