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Many times we overwork ourselves even when our body tells us to give it rest, we tempt ourselves with the gain we are expecting from our labour that we don't listen to our body language, and we become so optimistic about the future that we work all night to achieve our dreams, the only time we listen to ourselves is when the body shuts down completely which is not suppose to be.

Taking the time to care more for yourself can help reduce stress, self-care ideas are a paramount practice you must do to get over stress and keep your sanity intact, self-care ideas are habits that will serve you when your stress level is high, tired, worried, and sad.


What is self-care?

In my point of view, self-care is a deliberate and conscious effort to prioritize your well-being knowing what you need to ensure your health and happiness are safe. Self-care is also what you do for yourselves to establish and maintain good health and prevent any form of illness which includes dirty hygiene bad nutrition, and a wrong lifestyle. 

Self-care comprises all your needs and all your wants in every aspect of your life, it has to do with what you do to take good care of yourself and your well-being. self-care routine is very important because without self-care one can totally burn out, feel anxious, and worst of all depression.

Here are some self-care routine ideas that will help you after a stressful day.




Types Of Self Care Ideas 


Types Of Self Care Ideas


You can incorporate self-care ideas into your life in so many ways to get a satisfying result because stress comes in different forms. However, there are different types of self-care ideas that can be of help to make you look fit and healthy. Remember health is wealth.

When I said types of self-care ideas, you might have been thinking of treatments you give to yourself normally but that is not the case but is embed in it. So here are the types of self-care ideas.


1 Quality Sleep.

After a stressful day, ensure you get some quality sound sleep, and always make sure you go to bed on time, when is bedtime, that's not the time for movies, chatting with your friends, or trying to burn out the sleep from your eyes to do something else. 

sleep tends to reduce the risk of health conditions, relax the nerves, improve your mood, and your mental wellbeing. Also, sleep is a medicine to the body whenever you deprive the body of sleep you tend to harm yourself and the body will not function the way it's supposed to function. 

To have a quality sound sleep, strive for at least 8 hours of sleep which is very important to the body. though some of us due to the nature of our jobs find it difficult to get such amount of sleep, especially those who run shift jobs. but try to put more effort into sleeping whenever you have little time for yourself and reduce the time you spend on your phone so you can get enough rest with ease. 



2 Exercise.


2 Exercise. Self care ideas


When people hear the word exercise, they frown at it like is not necessary, saying exercise is meant for those who want to keep fit. But the truth is exercise isn't all about getting the nicest shape or trying to keep fit, is more than that. 

Exercise is the key player in boosting your mood and reducing stress, it regulates your mind and energizes you to be productive for each day. All you need do is find what exercise suits your personality and partake in it.

You can go for a walk, jog,  skip, run, or better still take up some yoga classes, the work of yoga helps address your mental health your physical and emotional aspects. All these self-care ideas help to take care of your person. 

Note: exercise does not have a fixed time, you can exercise in the morning before going to work, or in the evening after work, just know your preferred time and work with it. What matters most is that you constantly partake in the exercise routine for a healthy self-care life.



3. Cook Delicious Meal.

Having a delicious meal is an essential part of a self-care routine, especially after a stressful day when you are drain a delicious meal will do your body some good and is not to be joke with,  because your body deserves the nutrients that were burn out during your stressful hours.

When you don't get enough essential food nutrients you become totally drain, mentally and physically, that is why nourishing your body with healthy food is very important and it should be a daily routine to keep you healthy relieve, and fit.

As for me the best way I destress myself after a stressful day is by treating myself with some nice meal. I don't joke with my food, I pamper myself with good food, you can make something special or take yourself to a nice restaurant and spoil yourself with some nice delicacy.

Fill your tank with the right nutrients because a well-balanced diet rich in nutrients provides the body with the energy needed for proper functioning.


4, Take Care Of Your Skin 


4, Take Care Of Your Skin. Self care idea


This self-care can never be over-emphasized especially for women, looking good tells more about you. Nobody wants to be around someone who doesn't take care of their look or who has little or no time for their appearance. You don't have to have thousands of dollars in your account to take care of yourself and you don't have to wait for people to start telling you you don't look too good before you start taking care of yourself.

As a human your skin should be one of your most important priorities, how to glow up which is one of my articles will give you full details on how to care of your skin.

But applying cold face masks can relieve yourself from stress. Why not take some time out for yourself to develop a skincare routine and glow-up to help you feel better, with good products.



5, Take A Long Bath 


After a stressful day, you need a good long bath to relax a bit. A little relaxation in a jacuzzi filled with water, add some oils to your bathtub, some scented soap, light some candles, add some bath salt, and pour yourself a glass of wine, it must be your favorite wine, to make the most out of it, add some back up with some soothing music, all you are doing is pampering yourself after a stressful day, you can stay in the bathtub for as long as you like, letting all your worries and all your anxieties disappear.

This happens to be one of the vital ways I take care of myself after a stressful day, It keeps my mind in sound shape, and I feel so relax and stress-free whenever I apply this method when am stress. You can do the same and have a wonderful time of relaxation.


6. Do Something You Like 


6. Do Something You Like. Self Care ideas


Whenever I'm stress I paint, painting is one of the ways I ease myself from stress and tension, I don't hesitate to paint whenever I'm stress, you too have to do something you like, something you derive pleasure in.

Simply make out time for yourself to do what makes you happy, it's required for your mental health boost no matter the activity as long as you enjoy it do it, do it.

Take the time out to explore the fun part of you and also the creative side of you. You can visit a simple craft shop, and try out some craft work, or better still you can even visit a gardening, a baking shop too and try out something new.

Find whatever things you need to let the creativity outside of you come out to reality, don't be too work-conscious relax yourself with what you love doing, and give yourself some self-care treatment



7: Meditation 


The act of meditating is all about having a sense of inner peace by clearing your mind, it's an act or process of spending time in quiet thought an expression of your thoughts on something.

There are so many health benefits of meditating which include, anxiety reduction and depression. Giving yourself to meditation will give you that result. Meditation can be done before or after going to work. Morning routine ideas can be of help to more insight on meditation

Note - meditation takes some practical time to achieve results, it usually involves focusing your attention and relaxing your breath in a calm environment.



8: Go For A Walk 


8: Go For A Walk. Self Care ideas


This has helped me so much to free myself from stress I do call it a stroll, it relieves me from thinking and worries.

Incorporate movement into your self-care ideas as we all know that some exercise helps to prevent and reduce psychological stress, same goes for walking - walking is also an excellent way to get some exercise after a stressful day.

All you need do is find some cool place where you can walk freely without being scared while walking play some of your favourite music or better still listen to some podcast that is edifying.
Walking helps to clear up all your negative thoughts going through your head thereby opening a new chapter for positive thoughts.


9: Put A Call Through To Anyone You Love. 

I see this as one of the best to relieve stress, especially if you have someone you gossip with all the time or someone you share your worries with, you can reach out to them to relieve yourself from every stress you might have been through.

A touch of phone call can help you after a stressful day because when talking on the phone, at that instant all that matters to you is the conversation you're having on the phone, you don't remember the stress you just had all your thought goes to your conversation. This also is a sign of self-care ideas that can help to reduce stress and set your mind to function properly. 




10. Grab Your Journal.


10. Grab Your Journal.self care ideas


Yes grab your journal, a journal is a book in which you write down your personal experience and thoughts. A book that reports on things of special interest of a particular people for a reason, achievement, and prospect.

Your journal is a reminder of positivity which helps to reduce stress, you become grateful for so many things and feel relaxed and less worried about anything due to your journal.

It also clears your mind and then provides you with a road map and emotional landscape for your day reason because it will help you process and understand your emotions properly.



Self Care Ideas when practice give you a free mindset that generate the ability for you to glow even in an unpleasant circumstance. Self care ideas is a self booster.



Save this for later 


Save this for later


xoxo, Denoshe
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