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The question Why are you bored? And Why are you always bored? is a two different question. 90 per cent of humans are always bored at least once every 10 days. And you keep hearing some of them saying  " am just bored I don't know why, can't place my hand on why am bored"

It's normal to be bored, every single person experiences boredom, and the only difference is how you manage yourself when you're bored. There are days in your life when you just find yourself down with so many thoughts going through your head and with that, you just want to leave yourself blank for some minutes or hours, because you haven't get hold of yourself. By the time you get hold of yourself, you realize that time has slip through your finger and you should have done something productive with the time that passed.

Although, it doesn't matter how much time we spend feeling bored but what matters is how we react to the state of boredomness. Sure you are bored and still have a little bit of free time on you, but with that, it doesn't mean you can't be productive.

Most at times the reason for boredom is because your mental health is not balance, and this lead to lack of productivity to be creative in putting your brain to work. When these occur, you become bored.

Also the reason why you lack the productivity to be creative is because your mind is cloud with thought. You can't be creative when you have so many things to worry about, your sense of creativity will shutdown due to the worries that occupy your mind.

Boredomness makes you productive and creative. When life hits you hard, all you need do is squeeze time out of it and make some sweet productivity. Right now some of you are bored and don't know what to do at the moment, some are doing research to find solutions to their boredom, well, you are at the right place.

Here are some productive things to do when bored just follow me closely as you read through my article.



follow me closely as you read through my article.

productive Things To Do When Bored.

There are a lot of things to do when bored I will break them down into different segments things to do when bored in different sections.


1. Take A Walk.


1. Take A Walk. Productive things to do when bored

Long walks are very good though it sounds a lot easy, taking a walk for 40 minutes each day provides you with powerful physical health benefits. Taking a long walk helps to free up your mind, balance your heart rate, improve your sleep, reduce your stress level, and in all benefits your overall self-personality, your sanity, your mental health, and a lot more.

One good thing about taking a walk is the productivity to helps you break loose totally from your bubble, taking a walk why you view your environment can generate ideas to help you stay productive, you can also mingle with people while you take a walk and have dialogue with them by the time you get to the end of your journey, you will be glad you take a walk.

if you happen to be new in your locality it's a productive idea for you to explore using your boredom as an excuse to be productive. A little time away from your responsibilities helps you rest and reposition your mind to do something more creative and unique.


2: Clean Up Your Email.

Funny enough I'm a victim of this, this is another productive thing to do when you bored. Most of the time when I don't have much to do, I remember I have a lot of unopen messages in my email and there are some emails that I have opened but I did not pay attention to them.

Note, that does not mean I don't open my email, but there are some emails I receive and if the email doesn't have anything to do with me at the moment I don't open it, it's scary most of the time when your email inbox gets out of hand, left alone on its own device, your email (inbox) can grow rapidly beyond your control if you don't attend to it daily.

For you to clear up your email easily without getting tire, Simply start with those that Are They Urgent. Firstly open your email, secondly your archive, the messages that you've opened before address it, Thirdly you snooze the messages.

Funny enough every message in your email has a place, you are only going to know about it when you pay attention to  become productive with your time.

So when you are looking for productive things to do when bored, cleaning up your email is the best productive idea to work with.


3: Reorganize Your Closet


3: Reorganize Your Closet. Productive things to do when bored


Another productive thing to do when bored is re-organizing your closet. If you are a government worker, or you work with a private organization, Monday -Friday you go to work and most of the time you are confuse and don't know exactly what to wear or how to combine your dress, often time you end up going to work late.

You won't know how messy your closet is until you decide to do work on it. When you are looking for productive things to do when bored you, try to pay attention to your closet you will be amaze at what it looks like. I for one was a victim of it, I had to reorganize my closet and make the decision to prepare my clothes for each week (to work) ahead, and this method helped me through. You can reorganize your closet as a productive thing to when bored, it will help you manage yourself and plan yourself for work.

Reorganizing your closet is a huge task it's really not easy to organize your closet, putting together SLEEVES LENGTH --TOPS --TROUSERS-- GOWNS, all of them in their respective places

However, when you are bored, see it as the best time to pick out a few to-go outfits ahead for the week, these will helps you eliminate your daily decision on clothing and help save the stress of getting dress in the morning, Hmmmm especially when you are running behind time! At the same time do away with some clothes you don't wear anymore give them out to charity or burn them if they are not presentable, by so doing you are making yourself free from boredomness.



4: Embrace Your Free Time For Creativity

There is nothing to be compare to having your space all to yourself, to enjoy your company is amazing you have all the time to yourself, and don't get any interference from anyone, you do whatever pleases you and don't get question by anyone.

However, to make your free time interesting, do whatever makes you feel happy, your free time is so precious! So make good use of it wisely. When you get hold of your free time think of something without anything holding you back, all you should care about at that moment is yourself and you alone.

You can be creative to Practice Self-care on yourself, this comes with the price of looking good and elegant, you can try painting, and in doing so you might be surprise how good your painting skills look. Be it at home or anywhere there's a real result in feeling good about yourself. you can also do things like this when you are free.

__ Take a worm bath.

___ Paint your nails

__ put on a face mask.

__ practice some new makeup challenge.

Mind you whenever you are bored it breeds in your creativity and oftentimes your creativity brings back good memories of the things you were good at. So it is advisable to take advantage of your free time when you are bored to create productivity.



5: Plan Your Week Ahead.


5: Plan Your Week Ahead. Productive things to do when bored


Personally, I don't joke with plans, it's something that has kept me going right from time, since my high school days till now. For everything I do there is always a plan, my weekly activities I plan them on Friday evening ahead of the next day 

You can do the same. If you are trying to be productive when bored check your activities ahead of you, and make a plan out of it, you can get a journal for it, write out your activities ahead pin it in a place that is noticeable in your room or anywhere to remind yourself of how you intend to make the plan count. like I said earlier, boredom will help you become productive with activity when you put your mind to it.



6: Attend Yoga Classes

As the saying goes yoga is ken major cure for boredomness, yoga helps you relax your mind and see things from another angle. For you to become flexible it comes with many benefits, especially to your health, your mental health should be your number one target.

Yoga helps you lessen your pain and gives you a better posture, it increases your mobility and gives you a sound mind. For productive things to do when bored,Pick up yoga classes.


7: Attend Some Networking Events.

7: Attend Some Networking Events. 


The excess of attending a networking event is getting to know people in different parts of the industry, build connections, make enquires on important aspects concerning you, get solid advice, and you also get connections ,opportunities, get ideas, and more knowledge.

So for productive things to do when bored, put this idea at the back of your mind, do research online for networking event that will be taking place, and try attending and seeing the result at the end of the day.



8:Update Your CV/ Apply For Job

For productive things to do when bored updating your CV (curriculum vitae) will do you good. If you don't have a CV your boredom period is the best time for you to create one, all you need do is make research on how to create a recent CV or pay for classes online on how to prepare a CV.

But if you have a CV before, use your boredom time to update that CV to the recent style of Creating a CV (Curriculum Vitae)

However, updating or creating a CV (curriculum vitae) should not be the only thing to do when you are boredom, also take the time too to apply for a job, if your present job does not give you the satisfaction you want, then see the boredom time as an opportunity to apply for a job, if your present job is hectic then apply for a new one, making use of this chance can give you a better leverage for a good job.




9: Try Out New Food Recipes 


9: Try Out New Food Recipes. How to be productive when bored


This happens to be my cure for boredom. I love cooking and with that, I love checking out new cooking recipes online, whenever I check them, I put them to practice, and most of the time they come out nice and delicious.

There is no harm in trying something new. Cooking to me is like affection it should be entered into with love or not at all. I keep telling people you can never be a mister perfect without trying, you must try, and learn to become good in what you do. 

For productive things to do when bored, pick out a few food recipes, you can search online there are so many side dishes you can learn, put it to practice, and learn something new for yourself. No knowledge is waste, so trying out new recipes is one of the best ways to be productive and eradicate boredom.

Anyone who's a chef, who loves food, or who loves cooking, ultimately knows that all that matters is: 'Is it good? Does it give pleasure? When the answer to this question is a YES then getting the knowledge of it, learning the recipes won't be difficult, because the answer to the question gives you excitement to learn it.


10: Hang Out With Friends

Yes. This is another thing I do, I don't waste time to think of it twice, I just call on my friends to ask them if they have the chance to hangout especially when is not weekend, and if they do, we hang out together, but if they don't I still hang out with myself.

I know you might be asking yourself now, how does she do that? Well, I do. I take myself out and enjoy the fun when my friends don't have the chance, but when they do, we hang out together like one big family. Sometimes I hangout too with my family create a bond and enjoy the fun.

You can do the same. One of the productive things to do when bored is to hang out with friends, family, or yourself. You can visit the cinema, art gallery, parties, etc all that matters is the productivity you get from it.





 There are so many productive things to do when bored. boredom should never be a problem to you, else you choose to make it a problem, instead make more productive and creative out of it. Make use of every opportunity, try something new, and enjoy the fun that comes from it.

Learn to be productive when you are bored never leave your mind or your head blank, put it to use, and see another brighter version of yourself, there is always a way when you make a way for it. 




Save this here


Save this here. Productive things to do when bored












xoxo, Denoshe
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