14 Authentic Ways On How To Be Happy All The Time

How to be happy


In a world full of struggle, unpleasant situations, anger, striving, and pain among people, trying to be happy with yourself can be really complicated. 

However, it becomes difficult when you haven't learned how to be happy alone without anyone around you. You must understand that knowing how to be happy and feeling good every day requires patience and persistence because happiness is a gradual process, especially for those who think they haven't got any reason to be happy.

Happiness is a decision one has to make even in the face of adversity, you have to be intentional and purposeful about it, Happiness is like a diamond that must be shield perfectly against stealers (negative people) because your mental health is important.

happiness is a fantastic feeling it's one of those things that make us feel better about ourselves, being in a mood of happiness often gives us a more positive mindset which strengthens us with the ability to be able to achieve what we want, and helps us to be more productive, living a happier and satisfying life. 

This realization brings us to the point of how we can experience true happiness in our world full of challenges.


Well below are a few steps and techniques that will teach and guide you on how to be happy with yourself. Let's dig in 


1. Practice Gratitude and Positive Thinking



1. Practice Gratitude and Positive Thinking


One of the ways to learn how to be happy is by nurturing an attribute of positive thinking and gratitude toward life. Seeing the positivity in whatever circumstance that comes your way, and being grateful for all that might have happened good or bad is a sign of gratitude and positive thinking.

Note- it can be hard to portray and sometimes feels impossible to maintain your confession and thoughts due to the struggle of life, but once you find a grip hold to positive thinking and gratitude, you'll enjoy the benefits that come with it, because your confessions and thought shapes you to what you want to become. 

You can learn how to be happy by practicing the mindset of being grateful with positive thinking. A simple way to do this is to get a gratitude journal or diary and write out 5 (five) things you are grateful for, it can be a person, an achievement, a book, a pet, or a knowledge gain, approach it with a positive mindset, before going to bed, you will feel at ease and wake up from the positive side of the bed the next morning.

However it doesn't have to be a morning or evening routine, you can do it at any time, especially when you feel sad, joyful, peaceful, or reflecting. It will fix your mood and remind you of better days ahead

Practicing gratitude with a positive mindset starts with a baby step, and using the gratitude journal can be of help. So start now.


2. Maintain a Quality and Positive Relationship With The Right People 


Quality Relationship / how to be happy


Having quality and valuable relationships with people can not be overemphasize, it hits differently knowing that no matter how dark and tough the going becomes, we have people who sincerely care for our well-being and will do anything to see us happy.

Spending time with these people is contagious, These people would truly have your best interests at heart and would want you to be accomplished in every aspect When you surround yourself with positive relationships, it becomes easier to stay focused, and You'll always feel better and happier, You'll feel energized and motivated Just being around positive people. 

However, ensure that you always take out time to tell your loved one how important and special they are to you, and do not hesitate to build new relationships with strangers, because your closest friend now was once a stranger, imagine if they hadn't said hi or reached out to you.

Take a bold step to create new relationships with people, build quality friendships, be the first to say hello to someone with a smile, offer to help a stranger if the situation calls for it, and start a quality conversation with someone if you are on a road trip, office, etc. If you do this often you can make more friends than you imagine.


3. Times and Seasons

Life is a process, humans are in phases, seasons change, and change is constant. If you attempt to skip the seasons you can make an everlasting mistake which you might not recover from.

The reason for the season is to build nurture and shape you thoroughly from the lessons you experience, just as you will never value abundance until there is scarcity, you will never value food until there is famine, season helps more than we think, and we learn from it.

Part of the many ways to be happy is to learn and acknowledge times and seasons in your life and take advantage of them. If you recognise this early you will succeed.


4.  No To Toxic Trait Including People.

Toxicity shows itself in different forms, learn to identify the source and energy of that toxicity in your life and cut it off. When a perishable substance is poison? it becomes harmful to consumers. The same applies to anything that can affect your well-being, whether it's the people around you, your family, friends, or office colleagues, find a mature way to distance yourself from them, without them knowing.

I had a friend who struggle to maintain her mental health and protect her peace of mind and happiness because of the toxic words she was expose to, but when she realize it, she cut herself instantly from such toxicity. The best way to identify toxicity is

you become angry at any slightest hint,

You start having Zero tolerance for patience,

Low self-esteem starts eating you up

You lose confidence in yourself and you will find it difficult to get a hold of yourself.

When you start observing these attitudes in any aspect of your life that is not dealt with, it will absolutely affect your happiness. These attributes it's not to be entertain, cut them off. Know that your happiness is paramount to your growth.



5. Live In The Moment
The common challenge with growth is the moment we remember, and get torments by our past experience, failure, or even the fear of the unknown. You must come to the realization that the mistakes of the past can't be changed.

What happened in the past stays in the past, yes you might have learned from it, but that is your past,  instead of wasting so much time, wishing you could change it, or swallowing up yourself in regret, why not focus on the present?

There is so much that can be done now. there is a bright future ahead of you, all that you need is to focus on your now and use the experience you learn from the past to build a standardize future.

I like to imagine my future this way, the future is like a blank sheet of paper, through my thoughts and actions, I determine how I want it to be beneficial to me.

Always know that the future is in your hands, you have the power to control your destiny, so when you keep in mind that your present decisions and actions can affect your future, you will plan well to succeed.

Sometimes being optimistic about the future and stressing your mental health is not actually necessary, it will do more harm than good, even make you feel unhappy, and it will go ahead to affect your mental health.

Once in a while learn to handle the problem around you, it could be that the issue hindering your progress in life, is you always remembering your past and nurturing it, or the fear of the unknown.

Learn to live in the moment and enjoy all the good that is present in your life, choose to make a positive difference in your life, that is how you live in the moment and make yourself happy.

6. Self Relationship 


3. THEY ARE ALWAYS JEALOUS - sign of fake friends/ how to be happy


The most important reason people are not happy and fulfilled is that they don't see anything good in themself, they don't place value on themself.

Always question yourself, like

           do I condemn myself too often? 

           how well do I know about my needs, uniqueness, and desires.? 

            have I participated in a self-care routine? 


Answering the above question will give you an insight of what you have done, and what you can do to make yourself happy at all times.

For you to be happy at all times you must find out your uniqueness, and what you enjoy doing that makes you happy.

For instance, I enjoy listening to classical music is my link, is something I listen to often, I discovered it when I took the time to study myself.

You can discover yourself by spending time alone.  Being alone gives you time to think, recollect, reflect, and enjoy your company, you start noticing some personality about yourself when you spend time with yourself.




7. Meaningful Working Environment 


8.Re-evaluate Your Plans/ how to be happy



A lot of people ignore the fact, and others fail to realize the reason they are not happy with themselves is because of the work they engage in, Some persons know this but choose to carry on due to one circumstance or the other.

Having a career that aligns with who you are will certainly make you energetic, and positive, and it will make your life outside of work better, People will tend to notice the difference between what you like, what you do, and what you don't.

Job satisfaction makes you want to work harder, it also impacts your psychological well-being including your sense of identity, health, and happiness.

Being able to find meaning in your work is a key factor in creating happiness for yourself. If I don't like my work environment, I will certainly never be happy cause I'll be found complaining about my job most of the time.


8. Maintaining A Positive Outlook.


A woman wearing a white suite wit/ how to be happy



When you have a positive outlook and dress gorgeous, you will view life challenges, face the situations you go through, and deal with them with confidence. A positive outlook boosts your confidence and gives you boldness in crushing down hindrances.

One of the ways to be happy is to learn how to look good, get some good clothes, get some fragrance to smell nice, and wear quality and affordable shoes because looking good is a good business.

I remember going to a party I was invited to by a friend, I dressed my best looking smart and outlandish with a touch of prestige on, getting to the party, I caught the attention of everyone, everyone coming to compliment, snap and have conversation with me. 

maintaining a positive outlook tends to eradicate negative attitudes of fear, and lack of self-esteem, and renders a positive effect on your health, and improves your well-being.


9)  Say No To Comparison 


Comparison is one of the toxic traits affecting most people today, I will not advise anyone willing to grow to indulge in it.

Young ones especially fall victim to this unhealthy and burdensome expectation for themself and the people around them.

You see people comparing themself with others and feel so miserable for themself thinking they are not doing well compared to their mate. this trait gets worse mostly when it comes from loved ones (family) they are always in great expectations, expecting you to have finished college by 23, have a good job by 25, be married by 26, giving birth to at least three(3) kids by 29, often times it doesn't work that way.

Having such expectations is not wrong, but placing unnecessary pressure, and high unhealthy demands, can be highly dangerous and steal once happiness and peace.

People are going through a lot, suffering depression, anxiety, hypertension, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, and inferiority complex, all these as a result of comparison.

True happiness is being able to find joy and satisfaction along with fulfillment in your space of growth. Learn to be satisfied and express gratitude in every situation of things.


10. Live A balanced Life 


10. Live A balanced Life/ how to be happy


Building a balanced life does not come easy, is a project which have to be taken into consideration, and it requires consistent effort, time, and a big sense of responsibility.

To live a balanced life one must improve to a point that you can devise a way that a part of your life won't affect the other. an example is not allowing your job to affect your health, or allowing a late-night movie to affect your sleep.

As simple as it may be, it's not balanced if you spend all the time at work, so create the time to visit loved ones, or go on a vacation. you become lonely and bored, if you don't have a balanced life, and is not healthy you must learn to balance the equation.

Sometimes our lives become so demanding because of the target we set for ourselves, and it becomes so cheap for us to lose our joy and happiness all because of work work work and the desire to succeed.

You can live a balanced life if you have a plan, and create time for every aspect of things in your life, you can exercise during the day, work in the morning, rest at night, on weekends, spend time with friends and family, go on a date, get some groceries at the mall, or party with friends, with this balance routine you are bound to be happy.


11. Acknowledge Your Flaws and Unhappy Moment


As human flaws are part of our makeup, this flaw is a result of certain limitations, which also means we are imperfect. Most times, our flaws differ differently, but one flaw can not be completely eradicated, however, it can be managed but not completely.

Most times the mistake we make is a result of our imperfection and we fail to realize that it's part of our makeup, so this makes us sad, feel guilty, and even lose our peace and happiness.

A major remedy in learning how to be happy is firstly acknowledging your flaws, and seeing them as part of your makeup, if you must effectively manage yourself, you must acknowledge your flaws. Note acknowledging your flaws doesn't make you happy or feel good about yourself,  it makes you accept yourself and see people for who they are.

Acknowledging your flaw means you are taking full responsibility for your actions, and also rejecting any form of failure that might come in the future. This approach will make you take charge of your life.


12.  Be Authentic 


Have come across a lot of people who live a fake life, and pretend to be what they are not, especially on social media. If you check them correctly or try to investigate them, you will find out that in an attempt to be what they are not, deep down in them they are not happy with their life.  They might not admit it, or show it, but is the truth. The fake life is just a disguise.


This takes us back to acknowledging and accepting your flaws, most people who live such a life of pretence are hurt by their flaws, and they have not come to the realization of accepting their flaws. In an attempt to get rid of their flaws, they try to be someone else, which doesn't tell well of them.

Why attempting to be someone else they lose the vision of who they are. People who pretend are never happy. The key to being authentic is to first accept your flaws, accept yourself, appreciate yourself, and see the good in yourself.

The Proof of self-love is value. If you love yourself, you will be patient with yourself while you work on your toxic traits and flaws. You will be gentle with yourself and make continual effort to improve every day.

Be proud of yourself, be you, always be you everywhere, do not lower your standards and principles for anyone, put prestige on yourself, and let people know what you stand for on some issues, if you like it say it, if you don't say it, anyone got on your nerve tell them, if you get anyone angry apologize and move on.

Be sincere in your approach to folks around you, and let people know your real you, this is the secret to an authentic happy life.


13. Do What Make You Happy. 


A girl standing on a wood/ how to be happy


One of the best things that make us happy is when we do the activities we love when we get the chance. We all are wired differently and are passionate about different things, but despite the differences in these things, we all feel happy or fulfilled when we do what we are passionate about.

Often times because of our busy schedule we sometimes come shot or find it difficult to engage in the activities we love or take pleasure in doing.

A true sign of happiness is being able to participate and enjoy doing the things you love, it can be sports, dancing, cooking, vacation, going to the cinema, or painting. You must learn to indulge and participate in the things that make you happy, and always create time for it.


14. Connecting With Your Environment 



14. Connecting With Your Environment/ how to be happy


Connecting with your environment has the benefit of making you happy, especially when you are in a good neighborhood that is expose to nature. This has been link to a host of benefits, including happiness, lowering stress, and even boosting your mental health.

Often time, I stroll around my environment in the cool of the evening, admiring nature,  capturing every moment that makes me happy, in the middle of this sometimes I get to know more about my environment and meet with neighbors who care for my well-being and happiness.

Connecting with your environment gives you exposure, satisfaction, and a sense of peace, you get to know who are your neighbors, and how safe your environment is. This gives you an assurance of happiness and safety. 

Some people love an environment full of artwork or music, while others love a serene and quiet environment. Stay in the environment that works for you and give you happiness.



For you to be happy and maintain happiness, you have to chase your dreams and be successful. Everyone has a plan, goal, vision, and expectation, but it hits differently when you are living the life of your dreams. This makes you happy. 

You can hit the mark of success and finally live the life you have envisioned, but it all starts with a little step.




Save This For Later




Save This For Later 







xoxo, Denoshe
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