How To Stop Over Thinking




How to stop over thinking


As humans, we often face diverse challenges and problems, that cause us to overthink, sometimes it might be the problem of the past that plagued our mind and we just can't get over it, and it becomes a trouble in our mind and we can't just help but overthink. When you find yourself with these issues, it will ignite you to know how to stop overthinking, because your health is at risk. 


People who overthink replay events, conversations, and scenarios that had occurred in the past and then paint a picture of situations to occur in the future, They can constantly replay conversations of the past over and over again in their mind, and are afflicted with a constant barrage of their actions of the past, this makes them emotionally traumatize, dejected and worry. 

However you must not experience setbacks and difficulties of the past before you overthink, for example, you can overthink when changing location for the better, due to your career path, and you just can't help but think and ask yourself a series of questions like


Hope I am not making a wrong decision by changing location.

Will my new residence be conducive for me?

are my neighbors going to be friendly?

hope my working environment won't be toxic for me.

Will I have a good colleague?

  You just can't help but think, and this overthinking occurs in so many areas of our life, it can be getting married, buying a house, getting a job, and planning to go to college. 

Thinking deeply might not be an issue, but overthinking can have a negative effect on your health. In this article I will highlight how to stop overthinking, so follow as I dive in.



What Is Overthinking

Overthinking is describe as the act of thinking about something too much for so long, and you can't help but pounder on a particular thought.  Overthinkers find it difficult to get out of their own head, and can't seem to turn off their concern, even when they are asleep, and it becomes an unhealthy part of your life which is dangerous to your health.


People who overthink suffer the burden of depression and confusion, in most cases they find it difficult to make stable and practical solutions to their problem, which makes things more complicated for them.

Sometimes this attribute makes them lose consciousness of who they are, and they may no longer be able to concentrate on other parts of their life because they have been eat up with worries and thoughts of a particular part of their life.

Humans will never be able to stop worrying entirely and doing so means we care, but when you overthink everything then it becomes harmful and you can't get over situations that weigh you down easily with such a mindset.


Why The OverThink

A lot of people are going through so many challenges, and is difficult for them to chew, having their heads wrapped with thought makes it more exhausting for them, but they never come to the realization of why they think so deeply,  and how they can stop overthinking.

Overthinking is a bad habit that is cut across humans, both big and small, it is not set aside for some particular people, it's seen as product of anxiety, oftentimes it materialize when you want to make a tough decision or take a bold step.

Overthinking Symptoms 

Most people are not aware of their thinking, they don't realize that they overthink, and this becomes a critical aspect of detecting overthinking symptoms which is cause by so many things. Below are the symptoms of overthinking.


1. Worry Too Much.

It is normal to worry at times, but it becomes a problem when you worry too much. Note- worry doesn't bring a solution to a problem, it only causes more harm to your health. So don't give space to worry.


Sometimes you are faced with diverse challenges that are beyond your control and you just can't help but think, you wish you could be Merlin in such a situation and turn things around, all this thought plays in your imagination, but unfortunately, it doesn't manifest in the physical


This can make you worry so much and overthink deeply, and the result of it always affects your well-being. I often say whatever things you can't change, don't worry about it, the universe has a way of turning things around for your good. The most effective way to stop overthinking is to stop worrying, especially when it's beyond your control.



2. Constant Muse Of The Past

This is one of the biggest signs of overthinking, it will surprise you to know that every human is guilty of this, the difference is how weighty the situation of the past was.

You can't change your past, but you can stop yourself from thinking of the past, so if you see yourself musing about the past, is a sign of overthinking.


3. You Feel Depress And Stress

When you let the words of people have a root in you negatively and you put your mind to it, brooding on it is a sign of overthinking. you replay every interaction and social situation in your mind repeatedly it will put you in depression and stress you out.


4. Difficulty In Sleeping

Most people find it difficult to sleep and they keep wondering why they don't sleep at night. When your mind is in the wilderness of thoughts you can't sleep, and this is one of the symptoms of overthinking.

When difficulty in sleeping is not well handled it can affect your mental health, then of what use is overthinking? Don't beat yourself over things beyond your control, focus on things within your control, the things beyond your control will fall in place with time.

When you find yourself in a situation where you can't sleep, put an end to overthinking and try to see a doctor.


5. Analyze beyond proportion

When you feel insecure with the words of people it becomes a problem, always reading meaning to why people spoke a certain way, finding meaning in where there is none, this happens often when you find it hard to trust someone, or insecure with someone, this is another sign of over thinking and it can be harmful to your health.







How To Stop Overthinking




How To Stop Overthinking

You must understand that overthinking doesn't bring a solution to the problem, instead, it accumulates more problems to yourself affecting your health, and you can't bring a lasting solution to address the challenges.

That’s why this article guide has been put together to teach you how to stop over thinking in 10 ways.  So let's dig in. 



1. Take Control Of Your Thoughts

Our mind seems to play fast tricks on us, bringing negative and destructive thoughts, and when we yield to it, we begin to overthink things. When we don't challenge our thoughts, it place a grip on us, and if is not properly guided they will control us negatively.

Never give in to whatever your mind tells you, learn to question it, and decide whether the things on your mind will be helpful or not.

Tell your mind, I have given you room enough it's time for me to take charge, and bring a solution to the problem, you watch as I act. In this way, you will be able to take control of your thought. This is one of the way of how to stop over thinking





2. Find a Distraction.


2. Find a Distraction. How to stop over thinking


Finding a distraction is one of the best ways on how to stop over thinking. There is a saying that says "An idle mind is the devil's workshop" Engaging yourself in something meaningful takes your mind off thinking.

I remember when my boyfriend broke up with me, I was sinking deep in thought, couldn't get hold of myself, and I wasn't working then, the situation put me in a depressed state I could not help but overthink myself, I was able to come out from that pit when I gave myself to distraction going on vacation with friends.

Engage yourself with activities that will distract you from your thoughts, give yourself to business, hang out with quality friends, and do something that makes you happy, and you enjoy doing. Distractions could be watching a movie, playing video games, exercising, or reading a novel.

You Can start small by checking out what important tasks need to get done, Then organize a to-do list on how you want to carry out these activities.

Distractions help us forget what is troubling us and possibly stop overthinking. A temporary distraction is precisely what we need to stop over thinking. What is that one thing you can't help but think? Take note of it and engage it each time you find yourself starting to overthink.


3. Learn To Acknowledge Your Self Worth. 

How to stop over thinking start with this knowledge of self worth. Most times people who over think suffer from low self-esteem, they feel they are not good enough for themselves. They find it hard to appreciate themself, this causes them to worry and overthink.

How you see yourself matters a lot, it has an impact on you positively or negatively. Acknowledge yourself, give yourself some accolade, while you are trying to overthink for whatever reason, remove doubts and questions and look at how far you've come and your successes, tell yourself you deserve a toast, and celebrate your achievements no matter how small they are. Plus, don’t forget to show yourself some compassion. 


4. Embrace Your Fears

This happens to be one of the problems of overthinking. Most of the time the fear of the past hurts us so much that we find it difficult to decide on the present, and this make us stagnate, and other times the fear of the unknown ( the future) tends to slow us down from taking a bold step to set things in place for the future.

Fear must come, but when you learn to embrace your fear and take a bold step no matter the storm you will be able to stop over thinking. Fear is an enemy of success but a friend to overthinking, never give in to fear, this is how to stop overthinking.


5. Let Go Of The Past And Stay In The Present.


5. Let Go Of The Past And Stay In The Present. How To Stop Overthinking

Overthinkers often focus on the past, and that is the genesis of starting to overthink. They are busy supplying energy on “what if” and “I should have”. Understand that the past can’t be changed and it has passed, The only thing you can learn is the experience you got from it.

How to stop over thinking starts with Letting go of the past, this means you won't let your mistakes control your future and decisions, you won't allow the negative things that have transpired in the past to control your emotions. You forgive, let go of your anger, and create a new you. This is one of the most significant ways you stop overthinking.

Don't let the past be a hindrance to your future, don't dwell on the thought of your past, and overthinking your past won't bring something positive to your present. So cut down the bridge of the past, and build a castle for the future.


6. Study And Understand What Triggers You.

Find out what causes you to overthink. If your overthinking is caused by stress at work, you might have to change your career path. If is relationships or emotional trauma then you might have to let go. Understand why you overthink, acknowledge and identify their root, and stop the process, before it progress. This is one of the fundamental ways on how to stop over thinking.


7. Avoid Assumption And Negativity


Negativity comes in many forms, this pattern mostly surfaces during stress and conflict which contribute to the negative effects of overthinking.

You can take control of your mind and stop negative emotions in their tracks. Try not to see just the negative side in people, and train your mind out of assumption, because it raises the effect of overthinking, when you assume so much negativity from people, it brings you into a state of depression. Confront your thoughts by approaching people instead of assuming and dwelling on negative thoughts.

Identify overthinking before it spirals out of control and takes a minute to reset. Recognize the negative aspects, then evaluate whether there's another way to think about the situation, perhaps there might be some things you can change about the situation. Then Make conscious efforts to avoid negativity by all means.



8. Share Your Thought With Others Rather Than Trying To Think About Them Yourself



8. Share Your Thought With Others Rather Than Trying To Think About Them Yourself


Talking about your worries can release pent-up feelings. Talking to someone outside of the situation might help you find a solution to the problem, because "talking leads to catharsis", which means a feeling of relief. The charged feelings within us become less charged. What causes the challenges and suffering in our lives might not change instantly, but talking with someone might drain off some of the pain and this brings relief.

by sharing your thoughts and worries with others, you tend to receive encouragement that could help you stop over thinking. Simply talking to someone sympathetic can reduce your stress level and improve your mood


9. Seek To Advise

Everyone overthinks occasionally. But if you feel like it’s getting out of hand, don’t hesitate to contact a good therapist who can guide you through a dark time and teach you to reframe your thoughts. A therapist can also help if you’re struggling to stop overthinking in a relationship or being bothered with other other things

Also when you are overthinking it starts hindering you from work, you might find it difficult to associate with your peers, and you find yourself making big and small decisions daily with no result to show, you may need to seek advice from a doctor when you have tried all means.



Pin This For Later.


Pin This For Later.


There's an old saying that goes "A hundred thoughts are a hundred worries." This is a good reminder to try to get rid of the overthinking that can happen in our heads.

Overthinking can happen when we're trying to figure out a problem or trying to make a decision. It can also happen when we're just thinking about something for too long.

 One way to stop overthinking is to break the problem or decision down into smaller parts. This can help you to focus on the specific problem or decision that you are trying to solve.

xoxo, Denoshe
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