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"What does it mean to become 'that Girl'? We all know who 'that Girl' is - she's the Girl on trend wherever she finds herself. She wakes up early, follows her daily routine, completes her tasks on time, and feels refreshed. She knows her worth and gives herself the special treat she deserves."So if you want to become "that girl", it means you're ready to embark on a journey of constant self-improvement, and It's all about staying true to yourself  not following what everyone else is doing, but instead, carving your own unique part, because


Is confident.

Living her best

Has her life together.

She's amazing! Even when work is stressful.

Always makes time to take care of herself.

Plans out and manages her time well, ensuring that she completes her tasks efficiently.

Doesn't compromise on her morning and night routines.


Becoming " That girl" is not something you prepare overnight and the following morning you kick off ---- NO NO NO. To
become  "That Girl " that is trending now is a process that demands consistent effort, and also you have to learn how to deal with procrastination head-on.  if you're serious about seeing quick results, you need to buckle down and stay focused on your goal. So, get ready to put in the work and embrace the grind, because becoming the centre of attention isn't for the faint of heart!
Here are some tips that will help you become "that Girl " Not what the crowd is saying.






She's the girl who.

1. Goes to bed as early as possible, to get up early.

2. she's someone who religiously journals her intentions and aspirations.

3. Drink a lot of water.

4. wakes up at 5 am every morning.

5, Exercising.

6. Read the journal.

7. Being productive.

8. makes her bed.

9. Eat clean.

10. Do something she enjoys.

"Being that girl" requires putting your sanity, emotional health, mental health, and overall physical well-being first. The main focus of being "that girl" is to prioritize yourself and your goals, emphasizing your personal growth and development.

You might be saying "That girl" Trend looks perfect and far from reality and on a second note you are wondering how to become"that girl." well, I'm not a TikTok fan but am a fan of other social networks. If you are a TikTok fan which I know most of you are, then you must have been seeing those reels on Tiktok where a lady films her daily vlog about herself, which comprises short clips of everything she does, how she wakes up as early as 5 am, do her morning routine, exercise, read her journal, she prepares her healthy breakfast, she picks out her clothes from her well-organized closet, apply some makeup then set out for work.

The main reason for those trends is to encourage women to become the very best and productive version of themselves. The concept of becoming "that girl" is more of a personal development and self-improvement, is also about being confident, living productively, and being healthy.
Just a reminder, you can also be organized and build a healthy morning routine like "That Girl" and be that Girl, however, building a new habit can be tough, especially when you're trying to stick to a morning routine while learning something new.

But don't worry, it's completely normal to struggle when starting a new habit. In fact, Incorporating a new habit can lead to some exciting changes in your life, So, don't give up, keep pushing, and you'll get there in no time.

Follow me closely, I have put together some tips on how to become "that girl" you've always wanted to become in 2024.






10 Habits To Become "That Girl".


 10 Habits To Become "That Girl". Wellness practice : 10 habits on how to become that girl

1: Learn To Have A Morning Routine In Becoming That Girl

For you to become"that girl " you must build yourself with the morning routine, that should be your number one priority. Make a morning routine list for yourself, and do what suits you best, as for me I do what is best for me with ease, my number one morning routine is waking up as early as 5 am and other routines follow.

For someone new to waking up early and wanting to establish a routine, it is essential to wake up at 5 am. However, it is important to remember that everyone's body is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. Therefore, it is crucial to take the time to study your own body and figure out what time frame works best for you. Make sure that the hour you choose is productive and has a positive effect on you, rather than just following what others are doing.

"Mind you, don't be too hard on yourself when establishing a morning routine. Take it easy and be patient, as there may be moments of discouragement and the temptation to give up. Your body may resist the changes at first, but don't let that discourage you. Consistency is key, and if you stick with it, you will see positive results that will ultimately make you feel better in becoming that Girl.




2:  Drink A Lot Of Water 


2: Drink A Lot Of Water. - wellness Practice - how to become that girl


Water is essential for life, it nourishes the body and gives our skin a perfect radiant glow. Drinking water often is quite discomforting though, but we can't do without drinking water, optimal hydration helps keep our energy level high.

It's not always easy to drink water, as it may not have much taste. I used to struggle with drinking water and my mom would often complain about my bad habit. To overcome this, I bought a water bottle and kept it beside my bed. Whenever I woke up, I took a sip and gradually got used to it. This helped me a lot and you can do the same if you want to develop a good habit of drinking water and be that girl.

Personally, now, I start my morning routine with lemon water first thing in the morning. Note I  don't do it for fun, but there is always a reason because it helps me throughout the day health-wise and it gives me a perfect skin glow. Take up the habit when you wake up in the morning first thing you do is drink a glass of water it will help clean your immune system.


3, Engage In Self Care.

Let's all be honest when we talk about becoming "that girl", what comes to your mind first, is self-care because we just want to look good, is in our nature to look good within and outwardly.
Okay now aside from being "that girl" self-care is the most important habit you should cultivate as a lady ---- making self-care your priority is one of the steps you need to become "that girl ".

Self-care is taking care of your skin your body, your mental health, and Physical health, and most importantly taking care of how you feel. Don't wait for someone to tell you how to take care of yourself, being "that girl " you want to be, you just have to be deliberate and make that determination to create a good time for yourself, Spend some time applying face masks, tinting your eyes brows, getting your nails done, trying out new hairstyle, and pamper yourself with pedicure and manicure, you deserve it, so take some time to treat yourself and learn to be best version of yourself.

Note that making the most of small moments can greatly enrich your life in one way or another. Becoming "That Girl" is all about investing in yourself and pampering yourself. If you feel good inside, you will radiate that same energy outwardly.  my next article, "Self-Care Ideas,"  provides more details on how to develop a self-care routine. Meanwhile, you can start indulging in..."

1, practicing yoga.

2, spend time organizing your room.

3, listen to your favourite song.

4, wear some good face masks.

5, read some books.


4, Eat Healthy Food.

The key to long life is good food, not junk food. Challenge yourself to start eating healthy food. A healthy outside always glows from within. that's why for you to become "that girl" you need to start working on a good diet.

Cook food that has a balanced diet, eat more vegetables, and cook what you love, you can do research on YouTube, where you see different types of healthy food, and you can try out some if you like them. A healthy diet is essential for living a healthy life.



5, Change Your Mindset.


5, Change Your Mindset : wellness practice : how to become that girl that knows her worth


It is important to recognize the impact our mindset has on our lives. Our mindset affects how we perceive ourselves, our surroundings, and our experiences. It has the power to shape our thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. By changing our mindset, we can open up new opportunities, perspectives, and possibilities.

If you want to become That Girl, you need to cultivate a growth mindset. This means reframing your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes to focus on growth and progress. Start thinking positively, believe in yourself, and trust that you have the ability to achieve your goals. Eliminate the victim mindset and take responsibility for your life. And see it as a time to step out of your comfort zone and embrace new challenges, experiences, and opportunities.

However, If you are stuck with so many negative thoughts and you keep seeing negative things about yourself, try out some daily affirmations such as self-improvement, and motivational speakers.  Here are some affirmations you can use to reframe your mindset.

I'm a product of good leaving.

My mental health and sanity are very important, anything that doesn't bring peace of mind to me I disconnect.

am worthy of love.

My life is beautiful.

 I create time for myself and the people around me.

No matter what I must take care of myself.

 I'm confident.

 I wake up early and prioritize my productivity.

I'm a woman who attracts good things.

I take responsibility for anything that happens to me.

When you start reframing your mindset from negative thinking, you'll then realize the power your thoughts hold over you. Remember, transforming your mindset is a process that takes time, effort, and dedication. Don't be discouraged by setbacks or obstacles. Instead, use them as opportunities to learn, grow, and improve. With a growth mindset, you have the power to create the life you want, achieve your dreams, and live up to your full potential.


6:  Journalling.

This is one of the best habits you can cultivate just to become "that girl".
Journalling helps you organize and achieve some of your goals for yourself. the main function of journalling is simply writing down your thoughts for you to understand them clearly.
Journalling and meditation are part of my daily life, so I recommend you do the same .it's a powerful tool that can transform your mind, not just that it will guide you too. Better part.


7: Dress Well.

7: Dress Well.


Every woman wants to look good and feel great, but not everyone knows how to dress well. To be that woman, you need to understand how to dress appropriately for different occasions, and how to match colors and styles. It's important to be mindful of how you present yourself to others. The clothes you wear to work should be different from those you wear when going out with friends or on a date. Understanding the right attire for different events is key to becoming That Girl.

Your Fashion sense is one of the most essential aspects of becoming that Girl. Wear what you love and be comfortable and same time be confident with it. Don't dress only when you're going out, dress well even when you're home. The more you feel good the more you attract better things. Challenge yourself to wear clothes that fit your body, get rid of faded clothes, and in all keep your fashion style elegant.

8, Reading.

Reading is one of my favourite parts of becoming "that girl". As for me, I love to read no matter how small the passage of the book may be, as long as it is readable I go for it. Reading is an essential part of becoming "that girl," you must invest more in knowledge and personal development.

"That Girl" you aspire to be has a reading list and consistently engages in activities that promote growth and self-improvement. You can do the same. all you have to do is invest in knowledge; simply looking good outwardly won't cut it. also, you need to equip your brain with knowledge and demonstrate your worth through study. Becoming that girl means boldly investing in your intellect. When you speak, people will have no choice but to listen because you exude knowledge. But if you don't study or read, you won't be able to do so.

That's why it's crucial to read and prepare yourself for the future.
However, reading is a powerful tool that expands your knowledge and helps reduce stress. Why not make it a priority to become "that girl" by incorporating reading into your routine?

9, Exercise.

Exercise helps the body and "that girl" knows about it. Exercise generally is good for the body, it helps blood flow through our body properly, it gives us good shape and makes us stay fit.
You must have seen all the Tiktoks of "that girl" ( she's hitting the gym regularly and sharing videos of herself doing all sorts of workouts just to keep it, just to be on track ) while watching all the reels you keep telling yourself you need to be "that girl", don't kill yourself trying to get instant result.

Allow your health and fitness journey to be a unique experience. For beginners in exercise, you can take it one step at a time. Make sure to move your body for at least 20 minutes in one position and stick with that position for one week before trying a new one. This disciplined approach will help you establish a solid exercise routine.


10, Sleep Enough.


10, Sleep Enough.


Getting enough sleep, especially a full 8 hours, is irreplaceable. Waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated is essential for clear thinking after a long day at work. I prioritize my sleep because it greatly benefits me, and if you want to be That Girl who is always at her best, make sure to prioritize getting enough sleep. Develop healthy habits by incorporating activities that make you feel good. Your morning routine is a key aspect of becoming "that girl".


Becoming that Girl comes with a self-determination to improve and work on yourself no matter what anybody has to say.  That Girl takes full responsibility for what happened to her, and because of that, she gives more attention to her needs than others.



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Save This For Later : wellness practice 10 habits on how to become that girl that knows her worth




xoxo, Denoshe
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