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Creating a productive and balanced morning routine ideas always sets a tone for the rest of your day. Waking up every day to do something energetic boosts your morals for your daily activities, whether you are a morning person or not, a morning routine ideas helps to promote your wellness and is essential to you staying productive, then it encourages efficiency.

Having a routine helps us focus our mind and our energy on a particular activity so that our brain feels less scattered. One good thing about a morning routine is that anybody can do it, it's not something you are being force to do, you can create a routine that you love and enjoy doing to set yourself up for a successful day ahead.

Another thing you need to know about your morning routine ideas is your productivity begins immediately after you wake up in the morning, from eating a healthy breakfast, working out, going to your place of work, or better still reading motivational books. The activities you create every morning have the potential to transform your mindset.

There's a saying the way you lay your bed so you lie on it.  It's advisable to choose a morning routine ideas that will help promote your happiness, help set your important tasks, and then support your work balance. By incorporating various types of activities and practices into your morning routine you can enhance your physical, your mental, and your emotional well-being.

Here are some guidelines and benefits to help create an effective ritual for morning routine ideas. 


Morning Routine Ideas

these have so many benefits, especially in the areas of our mental health, our brain needs to be well relax for it to function well.

Morning Routines Ideas Help In The Aspect Of Clarity And Focus.

What I mean by clarity is the quality of being easily understood in expressing yourself, it composes your actions so that you can be easily seen or heard, and with focus it positions your mind and attention in setting a target for yourself to achieve a goal.

Morning routine ideas as I said is not something you are being force to do it's a free-will habit. If you place your mind on a change of habit all you need do is put aside laziness and then focus with determination on that very habit you want to change. 

Mind you the way you start your morning tells about how the rest of your day will look like, the intentions you pose or create for yourself provide you clarity and focus that will help you throughout your day.


It Boosts Your Confidence

Morning routine ideas boost your Confidence and set you up for the day, it gives you the feeling or a belief that you can do something positive and succeed at something, it gives you this certainty that something will happen or that something is true.

Have you ever wondered how you feel when you complete a task? You will be amazed whenever you complete your morning routine ideas you feel so accomplished and your confidence boost reason because you have been able to achieve something for that day. the reason you could achieve that purpose was the morning routine you created. morning routine gives you the boldness to achieve your goal. it sets you on a path to fulfillment.

It's never easy to practice a morning routine which I know especially if you don't have someone around you to encourage you, it takes time for your brain to adjust to a new morning routine standard trust me, for you to practice a morning routine, all you need do is create some time to think about, like  (self-care ideas) and give yourself to think in that direction, then pick out some specific morning routine that suits you, that's best for you because what works for A might not work for B, so choose what is beneficial to you.

Here are a few morning routine ideas that will help guide you through the process of applying this method for your morning to achieve a better result. come with me as I dish it out in detail.




come with me as I dish it out in detail. Morning routine ideas




1: Learn The Habit Of Drinking A Full Glass Of Water.

Stay hydrated, hydration is the key word. For a very long time I found it hard to drink a glass of water whenever I woke up in the morning, trust me it was never easy to drink a glass of water, at first the taste of drinking water early in the morning was awful, and I just can't imagine it but after some time seeing the benefits of early morning drinking of water, I had to put in more effort, I notice a big difference in myself and this prompts me to patronise more drinking of water.

Trust me, water has a lot of work it does in our body, my life is an example. Water is an essential key to your health and well-being. Also, water helps to speed up your bodily functions that were dried up while you were asleep.

Your bodily functions overnight without hydrating, and even breathing and regulating your body temperature can lead to fluid loss," that's why it is important to drink a lot of water especially when you wake up, then make it a habit to drink water regularly to regulate your body and flush out the system for proper functioning.

If you are scared or feeling awful about drinking ordinary water first thing in the morning, Try to take a glass of cold water or a cup of hot Lipton tea, It will help to normalize the taste of the water in your mouth, when you become use to the taste of water in the morning then you can start taking non-cold water the awful taste will not be there anymore.

Drinking a glass cup of water early in the morning is a crucial component of a morning routine ideas, when you feel good and relaxed you are more likely to focus well and be more productive.





2: Prepare a Healthy Breakfast.

 2: Prepare a Healthy Breakfast. morning routine ideas


This is an important aspect because a lot of people eat unhealthy food for breakfast. I had a friend who patronise junk for breakfast, her excuse was she doesn't wake up on time, and cooking is time-consuming, not until she became sick, and it was trace to unhealthy food that she stopped eating wrongly

Eating healthy food can be easier than you think, to start a beautiful day prepare a healthy breakfast with good ingredients that make you feel good like a simple toasted bread with grinded beef, carrot, egg, green beans, and garbage with a very hot tea or smoothie can help support your health without requiring a prep time.

A healthy breakfast sets you on a path to start up your day and gives you the energy to pursue or achieve all that you map out for yourself for that particular day. when you eat good food you stay healthy.

There is a funny saying of mine. Eat good food and stay healthy to see and enjoy all that you have laboured for else someone will take what you have laboured for. 

Remember the saying health is wealth, when you are healthy you are wealthy. A good healthy breakfast improves your mood and gives you a healthy lifestyle. For a morning routine ideas eating good food is efficient for you. 





3: Self Care

For a morning routine ideal, create self-care for yourself, it helps you glow up, supports your well-being, and gives you a sense of happiness. 

self-care includes anything from a fixed routine which includes your skincare regime and skincare is simply the way you implement a relaxing form of self-care immediately after you wake up in the morning.

Some self-care routines are as follows

I: Preparing a hot shower bath to relax.

ii. Reading motivational books you enjoy to get your brain prepared for work.

iii. Some face masks on your face with good products.

Note always take advantage of self-care to support yourself with a healthy life balance, and my next article how to Glow Up will give you more info on how to implement more self-care ideas to boost your confidence. 






4: Meditation

Meditation is one of the best morning routine ideas to practice, it will help position your mind, if you want to feel refreshed and think clearly, add meditation to your morning routine trust me, this must be done before any other activity, meditation only needs 5 to 10 minutes of your time.

One good thing about morning meditation, it relives you of the past and sets you prepare for the present, which helps you feel amazing and stay more focused on your daily activities. Cultivate the mindset to practice meditation at least five times a week to get a better result for your morning routine ideas. 





5. Learn To Say Positive Affirmations.
5. Learn To Say Positive Affirmations.  Morning routine ideas

Positive affirmations is also important for a morning routine idea, whenever you speak positive affirmation over yourself,  you feel empowered, and equipped with the right tools to graciously carry out your activity for that day.

Positive affirmation brightens your day and causes the universe to work in your favor. Most importantly, when you speak positivity to yourself it also boosts your morning morale and helps your brain to function properly. 

Positive affirmations is all about positive phrases or statements that we repeat to ourselves daily, which are used mainly for goal achieving and dream fulfillment. Positive self-affirmations do not only protect against stress but it also boosts problem-solving abilities.

Here are some positive affirmations that will help boost your morning routine ideas when you put them into practice

I. My week is going to be successful.

ii. Today is going to be a blessing day.

iii. I am grateful for another day.

When saying positive affirmations don't just say it within your mind, always look at yourself in the mirror and shout it loud, and speak good words to yourself, make it a habit to always speak positive words to yourself. 





6. Put Aside Your Phone.

I know most people fall victim to this, I was one of them but that was before, and now I'm a change person. Our phone is like a god when you are addicted to it, especially when everything about you is in your phone, it takes divine grace to step out from it.

in the aspect of morning routine ideas, learn to avoid your phone immediately after you wake up, protecting your state of mind in the morning is very important, all the information from social media, your email, and news is really overwhelming to your brain when you start operating your phone in the morning. So for the sake of your mental health in the morning, put aside your phone immediately you wake up.

Is important to give yourself at least 30 to 40 minutes of your time without operating your phone, the only reason you should handle your phone immediately after you wake up should be to listen to morning motivations or music that will boost your mood. 





7. Learn The Habit Of Making Your Bed.
7. Learn The Habit Of Making Your Bed. Morning routine ideas

Wow..  This is another difficult yet important task. some people find it hard to dress their bed immediately after they wake up, to them it's nothing anytime they want to sleep they dress the bed, I tell you today it's WRONG, some live in a state of procrastination eventually they won't spread the bed, while other spread their bed but in a rush to meet up with their job or a client, end up putting so many things on the bed which make it look like it wasn't spread, I tell you today all this habit is a wrong one. 

The first thing in the morning you do when you wake up is dress your bed, dress it neatly, and position the pillows in the right order if your bed has a duvet position it well by so doing it gives your room another beautiful look, it makes it look tidier and cleaner, which will in turn make you feel great about yourself. When you do something productive it activates your brain and gives you a sense of relive. 




8. Put In Some Exercise

Adding exercise to your morning routine ideas sets you up for success for that day, it boosts your energy and helps you feel more energised to carry out your activity without stress. however exercise is an energy booster, it puts you on alert, reconstructs your mind to be productive for that day, and it also helps you stay more motivated and less stressed throughout your day.

Some exercises you can do include the following

i. Jogging

Jogging This can be done around your neighborhood before going to work, if you are meant to resume office by 8 am try waking up by 5 am and jog for just 30 to 40 minutes before getting ready for work. 

Jogging sets your body in motion for the day, it keeps you vibrant and alert for a positive day ahead. Always try to make it a habit.

ii. Yoga 

Yoga helps to strengthen your core and reduce your stress level.

iii. Skipping

when you skip, it helps to increase your heart rate and help reduce the risk of diseases and stroke. A lot of people don't know this, but this type of exercise for morning routine ideas sets you on a path to a healthy lifestyle and increases the chance of fighting against any disease that fights against your body. Adding exercise to your morning routine helps to set you up for greater success.






The importance of a morning routine ideal can never be overemphasis, and is important to have healthy morning routine ideas to keep you in check and make you stay focused on achieving your desired goal for the day.


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xoxo, Denoshe
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