The Power Of Positive Thinking And How It Can Restructure Your Life

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When we talk about positive thinking, we're talking about an Optimistic attitude which is the practice of focusing on every good situation, even when people around you are miserable, you remain buoyant and see the positive side of things.

Personally, I found out that positive thinking which I merely profess often time has worked wonders for me, and this builds my confidence and strengthens me to think more positively. However, it can be hard at times to speak positively or think positively when you're surround by circumstances and challenges which is beyond your control but if you deliberately refrain your mind from the problem and begin to think differently and see things with a positive mindset you will be able to overcome. Every problem.

Having to be positive is a choice one has to make, you may choose to be positive, you may choose to be negative, it all depends on you. You can choose to think of thoughts that will elevate you or motivate your mood, but the right mindset always sets you on a way to success. 


What Is Positive Thinking

When we say positive thinking, that doesn't mean that the hurdles, challenges, and circumstances of life won't be visible around us, they will definitely be there, but our positive thinking will spring up or be born from the obstacles surrounding us.

That leads us to the fact that positive thinking is an attitude that flows from the stream of your mental and emotional makeup and is consistently and deliberately optimistic in getting and achieving a positive result in the face of difficulties and challenges.

Positive thinking is all about your emotional and mental attitude which focuses on the good aspect of things and expects oriented and deliberate results that will benefit you.

Positive thinking is not all about burying your negative thoughts or your emotions or even avoiding your difficult feelings, no, positive thinking works with your happiness, your health, and your success, the mind-blowing part of Positive thinking is that it brings more good things into your life, That doesn't mean you should ignore reality or even make light of problems, what it means is that no matter what you face in life, you should approach the good and bad times in life with a positive mindset, and all will go smoothly for good. 

It is impossible to be happy and content when you have a negative approach to life, all sane human need positive thinking to keep them intact, happy, and optimistic in achieving a dignified goal set for themself, you can't have negative thinking and expect to get a positive result.

When you find yourself in a difficult situation, your first instinct may be to think negatively However, you can change your thinking instantly and start thinking positively to help you get through those difficult times, note things might not change automatically, but you will notice a positive change when you start to think positively, you will feel relaxed, better, and physically and emotionally sound. 

If you notice, our life is the driving force that motivates us to move and make a positive change in our thinking, by choosing to take a positive outlook on your life, you will begin to shift every negative frame out of your mind and then begin to fill it with possibilities, directions, and solution.  For you to experience happiness, and achieve your goal, you have to create your own environment of positive thinking. 


Benefit Of Positive Thinking. 

To be a positive thinker you have to engage yourself in habits and practices that allow you to face difficult situations and at the same time maintain a positive sense of self.

Every positive thinker has great benefits, and here are some great benefits of thinking positively and how you can train yourself to adapt to that positive mindset.

* You learn to forgive, tolerate, and see the positive side of things around you with a sense of inner peace.

* You become grateful and appreciate the purpose of things.

* positive thinking makes you joyful and be at peace with yourself which leaves you with a pleasant emotion and positive energy to recreate your world.

* A lower chance of heart attack.

* Better physical health.

* A longer life span.

* Few chronic illnesses

* A low rate of depression.

* Lower level of distress.

* It reduces the risk of death from infections.

* Better stress management.

* It benefits social relationships.

* It better cardiovascular health and then reduce risk




Those With Positive thinking are Less Likely To Get Sick. Here are 10 Tips On How To Think Positively.


1. Practice Gratitude

This happens to be one of the biggest approaches to positive thinking,  it can never be over-emphasized. Gratitude can never be taken for granted and there are so many things to be grateful for in every aspect of our life. When you take a pause and reflect on your life journey you will find out that you have not been grateful enough, and some things sleep through your finger, that if you had reflected back it will have been a source of a stronghold on your positive thinking. Well, that does not mean you can't reflect back and be grateful for the now.

Before standing up from your bed, to set out for the day's activities always show gratitude, and position your mind to think positively for each day.

Gratitude practice puts your mind in shape and causes you to focus on achieving your dream. When you practice gratitude it refrains your mind from negative thoughts and sets your mind to behold that anything is possible.

there might be some times when you will be sad, anxious, and depressed, and there might be some infinite number of things to feel excited about,  but when you keep on practicing gratitude you feel more thankful, Optimistic, and positive about life and the future. 

To practice gratitude you can start by writing what you are grateful for in a book or journal, put it in a position that will be visible to you, it can be in the office or your room, speak those words over yourself and position your mind in that direction, always wake up to it with life full of thankfulness, kindness, and fulfillment.

Also, send gratitude to loved ones who have been in the gap for you, appreciate them for their love, and show them you value their friendship it can be a friend, family, or anyone. You can appreciate them with a message of gratitude, a gift card of gratitude, a flower or you can call them to do the talk. Remember every moment is special and it counts.



2. Keep a Gratitude Journal

2. Keep a Gratitude Journal/ how to think positive


Having a gratitude journal should not be taken for granted, Putting down all the things that you are grateful for can help build your sense of well-being, it may sound funny but when you take a retrospect of your life and write out all the things you're grateful about, you will appreciate yourself more.

Having a gratitude journal boosts your confidence, and encourages you to do more for yourself. Imagine trying to secure a job, or gain admission to college and it seems everything is going contrary to what you expect, when you go through your gratitude journal and you see what you are grateful for, it boosts your mind to stay and think positive.

Having a gratitude journal helps you more when challenges and difficulties of life step in, it strengthens your confidence and causes you to stay positive. What are those things you are grateful for? Write them in a journal.

Your journal can take any form,  what matters most is what is written, if you don't want to write out long paragraphs you can make a list of some of your prevalent experiences you are grateful for, and think positively on it.

NEVER forget to give yourself enough time and the best opportunity to evaluate and reflect on all the information you have in your journal, by so doing you will be move to pay closer attention to all the good things that have happened in life. When you are thinking positively, it is important to be grateful for what you have, and what you don't have, this will help you to be happy and content.


3: Practice A Self Talk

To practice self-talk means to speak to yourself, this usually takes place in your mind, the flow of thoughts that go through your head without being spoken aloud. Remember, your mind is your engine room which supplies current to the body, whatever you will be, start with the mind then it energizes the body to work it out with profane results physically.

Just a simple rule, don't say a word to yourself that you wouldn't say to someone else.

We, humans, tend to be the hardest to ourselves and still be our worst (critics). Most people do say to themselves that their critic is themselves, mind you the language you use on yourself can affect you, so it's advisable to be gentle to yourself, cheer yourself up always, and terminate every negative thought coming through your head.

The best way to do this is to keep directing every one of your thoughts, behavior, and feelings to think positively For example instead of you thinking I can't make it, it's too difficult, move your thoughts from thinking such to a positive form, by saying I' Do Give It Another Try From A Different Angle Entirely. Talk to yourself as you will do to a friend, look yourself up in a mirror and speak to yourself, tell yourself how proud you are of yourself, and be accepting, gentle, understanding, and caring to yourself.

When you begin to talk to yourself, and your thinking gradually holds firm on your positive thoughts you will begin to think more positively every day of your life and get profitable results.

4: Always Spend Time with Positive People


4: Always Spend Time With Positive People/ how to think positive


We all know that negativity is contagious to human health and positive thinking has more benefits to mental health and well-being.

The kind of people you often spend your time with will determine the numbers of influence they place on you. When you spend your time with negative people, you will be infected by their negative attitudes and approaches. When you spend your time with positive people you will be infected with their positive attitude and approach. 

Negative thinkers are always ready to discourage you from believing that every situation and challenge you see yourself or you get into can never get better, they don't have hope for the future, especially when you see yourself having difficulty looking at the bright side of life. A negative thinker creates an aura of low self-esteem and causes you to disbelieve yourself, and you can't help but see nothing good in you, surrounding yourself with such people won't help your growth and your potential will not be made manifest.

Even if you have spent most of your life thinking negatively, you don't have to continue being negative after reading this article, buy into the positive thinking, positive thinkers are always there to inspire you, nurture your growth, make you see that anything is possible when you set your mind to it, and they derive pleasure when they see you succeed and have great development in all aspect of your life.

When you surround yourself with positive people you start seeing yourself improving, you become confident, motivated, optimistic, energized and your self-esteem begins to grow, and it will surprise you to know that you have almost achieved all your goals and plans you set for yourself because you surround yourself with the right people. 

Always surround and occupy yourself with positive people who will lift and motivate you totally and help you brighten a better side of life.


5. Take time for yourself.

It's important to take proper care of yourself, and investing in your physical and mental well-being is all part of positive thinking, when you take out time to care for your well being it helps promote your positive thinking. Is important to look like what you think, and giving yourself a self-care treat will help you achieve it.

When you take care of yourself, you are passing a message to yourself, that you are worth taking care of and, that you value and adore yourself, this boosts your self-esteem, then nourishes your positive thinking energizing it to function in its full capacity to obtain your goals.

When you are stress, it is difficult to think positively. Make sure you have time for yourself every day to do things that make you happy. This will help you to stay positive. 


6. Identify The Areas Of Your Negativity.

6. Identify The Areas Of Your Negativity. / how to think positive


We can't stop our minds from thinking negatively, but we can get hold of negative thinking and do away with it. Negative thinking doesn't just pop up, is always trigger by experiences or behavior of the past or present.

For you to shift away from negative thinking, you have to  take a good look at your life and then try identifying the areas you tend to be more negative about and run them through to see which of these areas include the following



You can't take all the blame for any misfortune that has happened in your life past or present and punish yourself for it, however, take responsibility for your actions and thoughts, but when you begin to blame yourself for the mistake of the past then is time to trash out such thought.


Bad Filter

When you find yourself Filtering out all the positive actions and compliments, and then magnifying the Negative aspect of any situation it becomes a problem. For instance, something terrible might have happened to you and you try to forget every bit of it by overshadowing yourself with more tasks and forgetting about the compliment you received. This approach is deadly to positive thinking, when you find yourself in this mess, you have to trash it off. 

  When you can identify the areas of your negativity, it will be easy to cut it off and operate in positive thinking to give light to your purpose and goal. 


7: Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the ability to practice and pay attention to the present without sentiment and judgment. Mindfulness is one of the greatest tools for positive thinking, you intentionally become aware of your thoughts, surroundings, feelings, and actions, and this approach sets you on a scale of positive thinking.

However, your mindset governs your thoughts, the thoughts that flow through your head, your feelings, and your attraction to anyone around you. If you have a low mindset definitely you will attract people in that capacity everything around you will be centered on your mindset, because like attract like.

To avoid getting distracted by a negative thought, and negative people, engage yourself with the present and always be more mindful, be mindful of all your thoughts and your feelings this will help you understand yourself way better, forget about the past, and focus on the present and anticipate for the future, don't give room for negative thought, and learn to see the possibility in all things, by choosing to focus more on your positive mind, you will begin to rebuild and reframe your thought from negativity,  you become mindful and cultivate a proper abundance mindset.


8: Capitalize Yourself on Positive Moments 


: Capitalize Yourself On Positive Moments/ how to think positive


This happens to be one of the tools for positive thinking. To be a positive thinker you have to learn to see the profits and advantages of thinking positively in every moment.

Learn to give out the best and make out the best in every moment. When you are among your friends, and they feel discouraged due to setting challenges that should not be the time to swallow in pity with them, open their eyes to the positivity in that Challanges, be their source of encouragement and whatever you do should make a meaningful positive impact in their life that they can gain from. 

If you walk into a room full of people, your office, or family, let it be that every time they spent with you counts, and they are glad to have you around, capitalize on being a source of hope to others, by so doing, your mentality begin to develop more and think positively.


When you capitalize on every positive moment it is expressed through your emotions, which can be shown through your body language, smile, laugh, and how you demonstrate your hands when talking, also the aura around you will be perceived by people. 


9: Take Control Of Your Yourself

Taking control of yourself can be sometimes challenging especially when you are having a bad or tough day it shows in your body language even if you try to hide it, there are ways it just pops out that something is wrong and not right with you, Your body language always tell the story that something is off. 

When you are feeling uncomfortable you have a hard time making eye contact with people, and your body language tells those around you that you are uneasy and you just need to be left alone.

You have to know how to take control of yourself, understand how to put your body under subjection, and not let your emotions guide you instead take control of your mind, your thoughts, actions, and deeds, and never give heed to how you feel because it will definitely produce a negative result.

you are to take charge of your physical, emotional, and mental state of mind for you to have a positive approach to people around you.

However, is not going to be easy, because when you are tense or uneasy you find it difficult to comport yourself. For you to take control of yourself, you have to condition, and deliberately reset your mind positively to achieve this result. 

When you are feeling sad and downcast pride yourself with joy and stay positive, when you are exhausted in the office, don't give your client the impression that you can't listen to their complaints, keep eye contact and overshadow your feelings with I can do it, and you will excel in positive result.


10: Visualize Your Goals 


10: Visualize Your Goals/ how to think positive


When you think positively, you don't just do so for the present and future, positive thinking is accompanied by purpose goals, and results. 

So it is important to have an understanding of your purpose, outline your goals set ahead for the future, and then run with it to produce a positive result. 

Think positively on your goals, visualize what you want to achieve, write it in a journal, meditate on it, work towards it, and be optimistic about the future, feel the excitement and enthusiasm for success, this will help you to stay motivated and think positively. 



Start every day with a positive note, a positive mindset, and a positive action, create a daily ritual in which you begin each of your days with something positive, uplifting, and courageous. Look at yourself in the mirror, and speak positive words over yourself. Never let the words of others get a stink on you. 



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xoxo, Denoshe
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