How To Practice Gratitude

How to Practicing Gratitude in Your Everyday life


How to practice gratitude starts with learning to say, "Thank You" Thank you can never be taken for granted, by the people around you and even by you as a person. This is the simplest way of practicing gratitude. 


Before we go into details of how to practice gratitude let's get an ideology of a few steps.


What is Gratitude?

Gratitude comes in different aspects of our life. As we mingle and interact with people and take a retrospect of our lives we are bound to feel gratitude, it can be having to say thank you to your colleague or friend. Give a warm hug or have a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend.


In building a grateful spirit, take time to appreciate the things you are grateful for. Most people naturally know how to show appreciation while others learn how to practice gratitude. You can showcase gratitude in different ways it might not have to be expressed through words and gifts. Your body language can do the talking. 

Most people practice gratitude by praying to the God they serve, appreciating him for the things he has done for them by taking retrospect of their life and that of their loved ones, in saying thank you to God through prayers.

There is no one way to show gratitude the most important thing is to be grateful for all the happening in your life and appreciate the good people around you. Doing this portrays positive emotions and this leads to personal happiness and strengthening relationships at length, giving you a good life.

In this article, I will point out that being grateful is important and the few steps you can implement effectively to practice gratitude.


10 ways to Practice Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is the best way to live a simple life and live happier, joyful, and peaceful. When you are grateful for all that has happened to you good or bad, definitely you will be grateful for your existence, because there is more purpose to fulfill in life.

You can be grateful for anything around you, can be friends' family, spouse, work, physical health, kid, emotional health, etc.

Below are 10 ways to practice gratitude.


1. Start A Gratitude Journal

A paper on a wood - How to practice gratitude



Having a gratitude journal helps you to pay attention to the good things in life you might otherwise take for granted. In that way, you start to become more attuned to the everyday sources of pleasure around you and the emotional tone of your life can shift in profound ways.

In your journal, you can write out the things you are grateful for, the important things that have transpired in your life, and be grateful for experiencing all of them.

It can be having good friends who are your support system, having a loving family, having a good job, having a lovely environment, having good food to eat, and being grateful for your emotional well-being.


You can take it as a responsibility when you wake up in the morning you write down the things you were grateful for the previous day, and the things you will be grateful for in the future. You can still write in your journal things you are grateful for even if they have not yet manifested.


Most times when I visit the hospital, or go down the street, observing certain things, I just go to my journal and state the things I am grateful for. Cause honestly, we don't show gratitude when it comes to our lives. Instead, we spend time complaining about why we are this way or that way.

You can always find one thing you're thankful for. Myself, I have a million things always to be grateful for.


2. No to Complain and criticism.

In gratitude practice you must understand that words are powerful using the wrong word can hurt someone and that will not speak well for you. You must understand the power of words and know when to use them.


For example, you have a project to submit, and you can't meet the deadline due to other projects you have at hand, rather than saying is not my fault that I could not meet up with the deadline I have other projects at hand, you can say I apologize for not meeting up with the deadline, I take responsibility for my action. It won't happen next time.


In gratitude practice, you must learn to take responsibility for your actions. It is important to use every opportunity you have to express gratitude to anyone you come across. Thank people for being patient with you. Thank people for the love and support they show to you. Thank people who helped in passing vital information that was of help. Don't hesitate to show them how you appreciate and are grateful for the kindness they have shown to you, it will go a long way.


3. Learn to compliment others

Complimenting others has always been a part of me. I remember when I got a letter and a flower from a colleague in the office, who appreciated me for boosting her esteem with my compliment telling her how she looked gorgeous in her dress and looked so prettier. That meant a lot to me that day.


You can do the same. Learn to compliment others, it means you acknowledge their amazing being and you don't take it for granted. See the good in them and tell them how beautiful and great they look. This will motivate them to improve their habit and lifestyle and boost their self-esteem too.


4. Write A Letter Note or Text. 

A letter on a table with a hand on the table - How to practice gratitude

List a ton of reasons why you are grateful for having a certain friend, family, or love once by your side, and then send these reasons in the form of a letter, note, or text message as a sign of appreciation, this is a great display of gratitude.


Expressing gratitude to someone sometimes doesn't necessarily mean a huge gift. sometimes the little thoughts that are passed through a message, letter, or note can be appreciated. 


Although the times of showing gratitude through letter writing are slowly fading, if not faded. But still, with present-age methods, we could show gratitude by sending text messages through social media platforms or a short note with flowers.


For instance, one form of a gratitude message is simply saying 'thank you. "Thank you for being the most important person in my life."
" Thank you for always showing up...", Thank you for your sacrifice and love is not taken for granted. or it may be an expression of recognition of something that another person has done for you.


5. Say Thank You Often

Know that people go through a lot of life challenges that can affect them emotionally, physically, and otherwise. However it's necessary to find such people around you, encourage them, and have some heart-felt conversation with them. Be grateful for them for how they have held on to life struggles and overcame life challenges.


You can help them thrive and be the person they are supposed to be. And tell them why they must not quit and why they must pursue their dream and come out with results. Tell them you are proud and grateful for them, despite the challenges of life they still push through.


6. Giving A Thoughtful Gift 


A rose flower with a letter of love - How to practice gratitude


Giving a gift to someone we care about allows us to communicate our feelings and appreciation for them.

Gifts are commonly given on occasion, like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. but a thoughtful gift can be gifted to a friend, loved ones, and family. showing gratitude to that person who means a lot to you has a way of naturally rejuvenating the person receiving it. 


For instance, attaching a gift to your little notes of gratitude would be a beautiful idea, don't you think? Getting a teddy for him/her, with a beautiful "thank you" note would put a huge smile on his/her face. It doesn't have to be only on birthdays you send gifts to friends and family. 


Building relationships is a necessity for every individual and displaying gratitude in every aspect cannot be overemphasized. Whether it be school or personal bonds, every relationship will aid you in becoming a successful person in life.


However, the power of gift-giving and its impact on you and those around you should not be underestimated. It could be your parent, sibling, or even your teacher. Randomly give them a gratitude gift.


7. Mindfulness, Not Worrying About the Past.

To practice gratitude to is fullness comes with a lot of aspects. you have to burn the bridges of the past, don't give yourself to the worries of the past, the past has nothing positive to offer, instead it will fill you with hatred and hurt, learn from the past, be diligent and prudent to use the experience of the past in the positive direction to make a unique life for yourself.

be grateful for your actions and decisions made and see the positive results in all you do. You won't see the good in you, if you always remember your past and brood on it negatively, learn to see the good in every decision you made in the past, understand the purpose of it in present, and make a positive narrative out of it. Also, learning to become a better version of yourself is how you practice gratitude.


8. Showing Up and Being There When They Need You 


Three girls having fun as friends - How to practice gratitude


This act can never be underestimated because I feel appreciated when my friends and loved ones show up for me. Showing up for me means you recognize and appreciate me. It shows that you acknowledge my importance to you.


The cost of not showing up is quite hurtful. For some reason, we never realize how much it affects the people around us. In reality, there’s no worse feeling than being alone and isolated especially from those we want in our lives.

Gratitude goes beyond the words "Thank You" and gifts. Our action portrays a huge display of gratitude which is often trivialized. Being there for someone teaches you to think outside of yourself and understand what real gratitude and sacrifice are.

For instance, you plan on going to the shopping mall with your friends, and you call her to remind her, and she tells you she is sick. Not going to the mall to show up at her house will not be taken for granted. Being there means you sacrifice something to make someone else happy. That could be your time, space, emotions,


Showing up build's empathy and resilience. it helps others trust you and want to be closer to you thereby building real genuine connections. And when you show up for others, it encourages them to show up for you. this act shows gratitude. 



9. Take Pictures for Memory's Sake and Reflect on Them.

In practicing gratitude this can be of great help. When you step out every day or when you are out there on vacation always take a lovely memory picture you can reflect on and be grateful for.


You can be grateful for visiting some amazing places during vacation or on a visit and taking amazing pictures of them. It can be nature, capturing nature at its peak, and as a result, capturing beautiful landscapes and habitats. Nature in itself is beautiful.


You can also be grateful for the people you met and had a quality conversation with. You can capture the moment with them in a picture.

Seeing this picture will put smiles on your face, and you will always be grateful for life. And feel gratitude for all the amazing moments for all that have happened in your life.


10. Imparting on Others.



10. Imparting on Others.




When you are grateful for the things you have in life, showing gratitude by impacting others goes a long way. You may in turn uplift a certain individual who may have been in the dark for one reason or the other. It could be in the form of philanthropy, helping those in need, or counseling people you come across. 

I remember Strolling down the street one fine Saturday morning, walking past some poor people by an abandoned shop outlet, they called out to the passers-by complaining how they hadn't eaten for some days, and they were in the cold.

I immediately stopped, Considering myself in that position, I'd probably faint. I just went back home and strolled back with some sweaters and food items for them.


That's how much I could help, but on getting back home later that day. I wrote down in my journal how grateful I was to impact people's lives by providing for them with the best I could.


Having hoped that whatever situation or place you find yourself, you can impact others can boost your gratitude. 


11. Show Gratitude in Unpleasant Moments.

Most often as humans, we think that unpleasant moment happens to ruin of lives and make us see nothing good in ourselves. But that's not the case.

I remember when my ex broke up with me, it was like my whole world had crumbled. I was miserable and thought there was nothing good for me out there. However, I seat myself down and I take a retrospect of the relationship. And now I'm grateful for the unpleasant moment and grateful for where I'm now, and where I'm going.


When you experience setbacks, failure, or any negativity be grateful for the experience learn from it and see it as a steppingstone to a higher height. That is one of the ways to practice gratitude.


12. Practice Acts of Kindness

Learn to be kind to people you come across. In practicing gratitude, you learn to see the good in people and understand the wisdom in being kind and generous to others.

When you do this, you are passing a message that you care and appreciate all their efforts. Mind you act of kindness should not just be shown to those you are familiar with; it should be shown to everyone you come across.



I'm sure you have learned a lot after reading this. However, learning how to practice gratitude should not end here. Instead, learn to practice it in your everyday life.





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xoxo, Denoshe
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