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When you are toss through the wave of reality, drown by the complexity of existence, and revive by the fortune of life, getting your life together might feel impossible.

You see yourself standing on the threshold of a new chapter and new era with questions flying over your head, your vision becomes blurred because a lot has happened, and you become overwhelmed with the situation of things.

One thing you should know, when one door closes, another automatically opens, when life has pushed you down the drain, you will definitely come out better than before. Always See the situation of your present existence as an open door to a new phase, see it as the time to turn the spotlight on yourself and rejuvenate your life to align with your purpose in achieving what you want in life.



Life Struggle

So do you ever feel your life isn’t put together as you thought it should be? Don’t worry; you aren’t alone. And while there’s some comfort to be had in knowing that you aren’t behind your peers in getting your life together, it can still feel disheartening

After all, most of us had a vision of what adulthood would look like. We thought of having a stable job, plenty of disposable income, a beautiful home, and maybe a glamorous lifestyle. It’s not too late to achieve that vision you had in mind.

You can start making the changes you want by deciding to start getting your life together. I had to make that decision too cause I wasn't getting my time, had no self-care routine, no dates, and no plan for the future, but everything changed when I took the bold step to put my life together.

You may not be able to control everything in life, but this article on how to get your life together ideas will help you focus on the things you can control. now let's dig deep to get results.






1. Decide First To Make Certain Changes

At some point in our lives when things aren't going as planned, then it calls for a change. For me it was my job on the list, I once had these hiccups in getting my life together, such that everything seemed so difficult to put in place, I had a 9-5 job six times a week on the run that barely gave me time for myself or time with friends, So my entire schedule was hectic.

I had some beautiful things on my dream list that I needed to achieve but with my busy world, I didn't see some things getting into place, didn't even have the time to go on possible dates, and I turned down every slim request cause I knew there wasn't a bit of time for that.

As a religious person, my Sunday mornings would definitely be at the church, and I'd do all of my laundry on Sundays before service, and a little grocery shopping after church, having to visit family was a bit of a problem cause of my busy schedule.

My life was so wrap up with the struggles of existence that I couldn't see my reflection in the mirror until I change the narrative cutting down excesses, placing more priority on myself before anything else, and then making changes to every activity I indulge in to suit my personality.

For you, it could be an economic situation in your country, a job you don't like, certain engagements you're involve in, or low-income earnings, whatever it is make a change and place more priority on yourself than anything else, cause your life and mental health matter a lot. 



2. Make a List Of Your Current Circumstances 


2. Make a List Of Your Current Circumstance - how to get your life altogether.


One important way to start getting your life together is by making a list of your current circumstances. it’s important to first acknowledge where you are today in getting your life together, and take action in the aspects of your life that need to be organize. If your life is exactly where you hoped it would be, then it might feel easier to ignore your current circumstances.

If your life is not where it ought to be, you can’t make meaningful changes without taking a hard look at where you are today. Firstly, to make a change write a list of your current circumstances in each area of your life, these areas include: Your current job, Family, Love life, Finances, Hobbies, Fitness, or spirituality. Your list should include everything you want to improve on.

Then decide which parts of your life you’re happy with and which parts you aren't, and which of your current circumstances are exactly where you want them to be and which aren’t, Go through the list of your current circumstances and indicate which ones you’re happy with, this part is easy since you don’t need to make any meaningful changes there.

The harder part is going through your list and highlighting the circumstances you aren’t happy with, Sure it might be hard to see just how many parts of your life aren’t where you want them to be, But now that you’ve identified them, you can start making a plan to change them and get your life together.


3. Begin To Make Changes

After making a list of what you want to improve on, you need to start making changes to steer you into improving. When I eventually got a new job, A 9-5 Mondays - Fridays, (it was not exactly what I wanted but it was a start and different from my previous job which was time-consuming) I could make do for the meantime, at least my Saturdays were free. I could make reservations for dates, and hang out with friends.

My social schedule wasn't as bad as the previous one. The improvement began because I made changes. I could put out a schedule of hanging out at least twice a month while drafting out other plans for other things when I wasn't hanging out.

The same goes for you, if you need to get a car or a house, what you need is a budget to work on, creating a budget is a sign of improvement to change, start making changes and work alongside your budget to get the best in life.


4. Set Goals And Take Action 


4. Set Goals And Take Action - how to get your life altogether


One beautiful thing about you wanting to get your life together is that you would have to begin to set goals you would want to achieve. When you know what areas of your life you’d like to change, you can start setting goals to improve them.

When you’re setting goals for yourself, try to be specific as possible, It’s not enough to just decide you’re going to get your finances in order instead, you should set specific financial goals such as starting a budget and saving $1,000.

It’s easy to say, "I'm getting my life together," but it’s a totally different thing to take action and actually complete those steps.  set goals, and write down steps you can take to reach them.

To start working toward a new goal is often the hardest step, When you want to save $1,000 those first few dollars are the hardest because you’re not in the habit of saving. When you decide to start working out, those first few workouts are the hardest because you’re not used to working out. The sooner you take action after setting your goals, the quicker you can get past that first difficult step. Once you’ve started, you’ll find that momentum helps to keep going. A great way to do this is to focus on getting 1% better.

Make sure to write your goals down for an extra boost of motivation, write them down, and place them somewhere you’ll see them every day. Also, don't forget how powerful positive affirmations can be, so telling yourself "I'm getting my life together" or "I have my life together" that can have a huge impact on accomplishing your goals!

5. Create Routines

To put your life together, you should be aware that routines are the backbone of success. When you have routines in place, you no longer have to rely on willpower to stick to your positive habits and reach your goals. Think about a habit that comes naturally to you, like getting dressed in the morning or brushing your teeth you don’t have to remind yourself to do those things they’re a part of your everyday routine.

You can use those same systems to create other healthy habits that would contribute in getting your life together. Want to commit to waking up every morning by 5am? Start your alarm and stay committed, It will become a part of your routine, and you’ll eventually find out that it just comes naturally to you.

6. Implement The One Minute Rule

This rule states that if something can be done in one minute or less, you do it immediately. Setting this rule for yourself helps clear up your to-do list from all of those small tasks that create a mental burden. This can be a great step to help you with getting your life together!


7. Organize Your Physical Space 


7. Organize Your Physical Space


A huge part of getting your life together is getting organized. I for one do not work properly when my physical space is untidy or disorganized, It has a way of messing me up. Often, a disorganized physical space can make you feel disorganized in other areas of your life. Imagine waking up in the morning and having a hard time finding your keys because your kitchen is cluttered, suddenly you’re late for work and have higher stress the rest of the day, and not only is your stress higher at work, but you might even be dreading going home, knowing that you’ll have to deal with the clutter.

Clearing physical clutter might not seem like it will make a difference when it comes to your finances, your health, or your relationships. But you’d be surprised just how much you carry that stress and disorganization into other parts of your life and it will be hard to put your life together. 


8. Start Small When Trying To Get Your Life Together

Hey!!! don't go trying to get everything set at once, you can’t get your act together all in one day. Instead, you have to start small as you decide what changes you want to make in your life and break them down into small, tiny bitty pieces.

Saving $1000 is a great goal but it’s not one that most people can achieve in just a few months especially if you're not the saving type and it's something you want to begin with. Instead, set a goal for how much you want to save each week, month, or paycheck.

You can also begin by putting off a lot of frivolities, get yourself disciplined in areas where you find yourself being extravagant can also help to get your life together in achieving your set goal.


9. Minimize Stressors 


9. Minimize Stressors


My life had a lot of stressors especially when I needed something that was going to make me happy but then I had to put it off because my job was taking a huge amount of my time. If there’s something in your life that’s stressing you out, it can have a negative impact on different aspects of your life.

I always get home stressed when my life was not put together, and It affects my relationships. After all, I needed to rest my body by sleeping most of the time at every possible opportunity I could get cause I couldn't think of any other way to ease my stress at that time, but when I quit the job I was able to put my life together.

Are there any stressors on the list you can eliminate? This could be the case for expensive subscriptions or social obligations that add more stress than they’re worth, so they should be eliminated.

Other stressors you simply won’t be able to eliminate. Examples of these include work because for me it wasn't that easy It took a lot of time, pressure, and courage to stop it. But if you can’t eliminate these stressors altogether, you can identify changes you can make to reduce the stress.



10. Make Plan For Your Money An Essential Part Of Getting Your Life Together 

This cannot be overemphasized. One of the most important steps on the get your life together checklist is making a plan for your money because money is the number one source of stress for a large majority of people. It beats out politics, work, and family as a source of stress and has even more significant impacts on younger generations.

Whether or not your goals are financial in nature, making a plan for your money and getting your finances in order can go a long way in helping you get your life together. if I want to move to a new house or country I'd need finances, and want to go on a self-care routine definitely would need my finances intact. It is important to make a plan for money to put your life together for easy access to life. 


11. Journal

Do you know journaling can have significant impacts on both your emotional and physical health? that's why I'd recommend you start on the journey of getting your life together in a gratitude journal it can decrease stress and more.

A gratitude journal is highly necessary. It is an excellent way to focus on the positive things in your life. Each day sit down and write down three things in your life that you’re grateful for they can be as big as your family and friends, or as the weather or nature or good health. As you write down what you’re grateful for each day, you’ll find that you naturally become more optimistic and start looking for things to be positive about.



12. Identify Bad Habits 


12. Identify Bad Habits

You might be surprise that you're not reaching your goals because of certain bad habits you're using. Whether it’s staying up late at night watching television, overspending on things you don't need, or something else, it’s likely affecting other parts of your life.

As a first step, sit down and make a list of bad habits that might be holding you back in certain areas of your life, then you can come up with strategies to reduce or eliminate them.

Another common bad habit is finding yourself regularly talking down to yourself or telling yourself that you won’t reach your goals, and then there’s a good chance that you won’t. But if you adopt a positive mindset where you truly believe you can reach your goals, then you might find it easier to get there.

13. Track Your Progress

In getting your life together, once you decide what changes you want to make in your life, you must track your progress otherwise, you might never realize whether you’re on the right track, as a result, you might find that you never get closer to your goals.

Ensure that you track your progress as this helps to ensure that you’re on track with your goals. It also helps to motivate you as you see yourself progress. There are plenty of tools out there design to help you track your progress and stick to your goals.



Getting your life together is not as difficult as one think, when you put your mind to it, and willing to get a positive result from it, then it is possible to achieve it.



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xoxo, Denoshe
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