The Unimaginable Approach To A positive mindset

The Unimaginable Approach To A positive mind set

Life in itself is tough, and full of mystical events that unfold gradually in different circumstances with reasons tied to it. Overcoming the struggles life throws at us is significant in having a full life. 

In the call of disappointment, disfavor, and stress, negative ideas can penetrate and corrupt our ideas and reasoning, so it is important to guide ourselves internally against any negativity.


Life is tough and only those who are strong can survive and reveal the challenges, obstacles, failures, experiences, lessons, and pain embed in it-They are compile and some produce negativity which can design a negative mindset in humans.

I personally have been held back by my negative mindset, my mind got wrap up by fear springing out from my perception and engrafting to my thoughts which got hold of me, I became a shadow of myself when I fell into depression and sank low.

But things turn around automatically when I shook off the fear with boldness by taking full responsibility for my development and applying these guidelines and ideas that I will be sharing with you. These ideas will change your life positively for the better and will increase the growth of cultivating a positive mindset in life.

Before we go into details Note that it is not in a man's nature to change. (give me a break to explain) but he who is tasty for change already has the instrument for a positive mindset.

A man has a mind of his own, and nobody can change that. As we are born to earth, we embrace the nurturing and instruction given by our environment. We set our mindset to grow in whatever way we choose to be beneficial to us.

As humans, we mimic what we see and are expose to. Anyone can have a change of mindset, is just left for them to see it and groom it.

In so much as it is important to think positively in these tough times. A very few tips are outline below on having a positive mindset. 




1. Create A Positive Believe In You

Firstly, believe in yourself, that is the first step, and this shows you are on the path to growth, it shows you are determine to learn and unlearn. Believing in yourself takes a lot of courage because there will be a lot of doubt and disbelieve playing in your mind so believing in yourself is not going to be easy. 


The greatest battle ever fought is in the mind, so you have to guide your mind with all diligence, this things happen within you, sometimes it's always coming to challenge what you say you are, the positive things you said about yourself, and most times when we're depressed we just let our guard down, our positivity down, and our faith down, and we let those dark moments blind our well-being. Because we believe everything is going to crumble, which is not true, you have to be prepare and equip to face it.  

To think positively you have to create a positive believe system the mind is rule by how it thinks and what it believes in and these believes are the vehicle that drives our way of life around.

Having this understanding of whatever you want is in you, will change your believe system- that the positive mindset is in you, you are only discovering who you are and what you are meant to be.

Knowledge, they say is power and is everything, that's what makes us look as though we change, you might have heard people say that change is constant, but we don't really change we only discover things about ourselves in a different part we never were able to tap from.



2. Stay Guided (Conscious)

In the struggle for survival, hustling, living, and trying to meet up with our goals, we don't raise the building of consciousness in the center of our mind, certain things can creep into our subconsciousness and prevent our being totally.

Entertaining negative thoughts doesn't just happen in the blink of an eye, it doesn't just find his way around and take charge, it starts with little things as we unfold ourselves in the journey of knowing, several attitudes are exchange for failure, and we keep feeding it.

Oftentimes we don't even know that these negative seeds are springing up in us, and we welcome them by nurturing more negative thoughts one thing about negativity is when it is expose its work becomes useless, and to this effect, we have to be conscious to know the negative stem that will spring up in us and then pluck it off.

Some ways to build your consciousness is by writing them in your diary and meditate on it. Sometimes Is good you rethink and search for the other side of things to have a balance life.

You can reach for consciousness by writing down sacred and heavy thoughts, it's not everything we tend to interact with people about ourselves or have a heart-to-heart conversation, but we can always pen our thoughts on paper. It's healthy for the soul.

Penning down my thoughts really helps me, maybe because I was withdrawn from people, exposing your thoughts to certain people might cause you more harm than good, which will paint a negative picture of you, I so much enjoy it when I pen down my thought, it makes me feel at ease.


3. Talk To People Who Have a Positive mindset.


3. Talk To People Who Have a Positive mindset.



I don't often express myself to people, but when the need arises, I pour out my feelings to someone I know who have a mindset to counsel and guide because one way or the other, whether it is going to help at that moment or not, I would get encouraging words and I'll feel better at that moment.

Having people around you who have a prudent approach to life will be advantageous in expressing yourself and lifting your burden, it might be a quality conversation, a kind gesture from that person, a hug, or anything that makes you feel better. All these could be steps to help you to have a positive mindset.


4. Practice Self-love Meditation.

Practice the act of being patient and compassionate with yourself, release those degrading comments about yourself, release those perfectionist standards, remind yourself of all your wonderful qualities and talents, and give yourself praise and encouragement.

I practice self-love meditation a lot because it's always comforting and uplifting for me, and I talk to myself like I would to someone else when I want to express love, I have conversations with myself, And in those conversations, I say positive things over myself, When a bad mood is coming in, I knock myself out of it by telling myself that, that wouldn't be good for me.


5. Positive Affirmation

Yes, positive affirmations are quick reminders telling you of your worth, it's a magnetic force that pull your confession to manifestation.

"I am made for greatness."

"The sky is a starting point for me."

"My name will be heard."


Positive affirmations are the conscious confessions made and declared over yourself repeatedly till they sink into you and begin to manifest, reciting them oftentimes definitely will cause a positive change in you, let it be your daily lifestyle.

Learn to be accustom to positivity and detest negative speaking, if possible, get a journal or create a catalog of positive affirmations you can also get motivational affirmations.


6. List Out Your Grievance

This can be funny, but it is of great importance, in shaping your thoughts to have a positive mindset,  you can take a pen and paper and express your grievance, hurt, and pain that has been a burden to you, then toss it in the trash shake yourself out of that shackles and put up a positive mindset automatically, that the past is not going to hold you back anymore. 

Allowing yourself to express the difficulties you experience in time passed can ease you off your limitations, I bottled up my hurt for a long time, and it got ahold of me, that faithful day in my room I couldn't hold back anymore I cried myself out, then I put myself together never to allow any hurt or grievance hold me down, I set up a positive mindset and it has been of help to me.

As you simply allow your sensations to be, you will notice that they start to dissipate on their own.

7.  Gratitude 



7.  Gratitude


Adopt the approach of gratitude the universe has brought before you instead of harboring negative ideas, wrongful thoughts, and pain that produce calamity.

Sometimes you Murmur about certain occurrences that have transpired in your life, when you need to draft a chart of gratitude, you will be amaze that there is so much to be grateful for.

Do not let the pressure of survival get to its peak and get a hold of you or let negativity sweep into your mind. You have to activate the spirit of Thanks and pursue gratitude in every situation, and circumstance of your life, because things happen for a reason, so be thankful, it won't always be rosy but learn to condition your mind whenever you go through trial it makes you feel good.

In the fight for survival, you express gratitude for what you have, and what you are yet to have, the more you do this you become more grateful. However, my next article How To Practice Gratitude will give you more insight on how to be grateful and implement it in your everyday life. 



8.  Participate In Self Care

Life is not a competition, but a journey.    everyone has to take, passing through the oceans of grief, crawling through the walls of doubt, and stepping down the valley of fear.

So don't compare yourself with others, instead let the process reveal your light and allow faith to wax strong in you as you evolve from the hectic outcast into your journey of liberty.

Have a reflection on your journey as life begins to unfold every step that shapes you into a stronger person. While striving for your goal and ambition, accumulate a positive mindset and let it sink deep into you, that it be a part of your subconsciousness, when things take a turn and go against you keep your mind and thoughts diligently and anchor on positive affirmation.

Harbour positive thinking rather than negative indictment, flaws, complaints, weakness, and self-comparison replace those negative thoughts with positive affirmation and bred on them.

Participating in fun activities helps you get out of your negative situation and puts you in the present moment. Some fun activities that you can participate in are swimming, gaming, hiking, spending time with friends, reading a novel or motivational books, writing inspiring things, listening to music, or watching your favourite television show.


9. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Your life is delicate and needs to be pampered, always know that you are in charge and control. Your reaction to happenings around you counts, so reset your mind to a positive situation, and avoid comparison and competition.

Don't entertain rancor and grief around your growth, encourage yourself by the things you feed on, by the books you read, the places you visit, and the people you keep around, surround yourself with positive people who ooze love and have an aura of good affection, brood yourself with a healthy relationship just simply get around positivity.

Developing a positive mindset grows as a seed, watering, removing negative stalks around, preserving your thoughts, and edifying your mind to illuminate darkness.


As you grow into maturity of talents and gifts, swim into the realm of breakthrough, and have an assuring understanding of who you are, you are a walking wonder, look at your reflection in the mirror and see the potential you possess.






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xoxo, Denoshe
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