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Have you ever wondered how some women walk into a room full of people with confidence? They walk with prestige and speak with boldness like they are the boss and they own the premises. They are the boss at that moment, because with their carriage they draw attention to themselves, and immediately they are attending to them, while others who have been there are still waiting.

Have you asked yourself What makes some women appear so confident in anything they do, and are always in control? Well to some people they may think it is pride, money, or they're just trying to be the boss over people unknowingly to them that confidence is what makes them appear so empowered.

Confidence is one of the most important qualities a woman should cultivate because, confidence distinguishes you from the crowd, and sets you above your peers. Have you had a positive feeling or belief towards something and you succeed?  That's a sign of confidence.  confidence is the belief and certainty you have in yourself, attesting to the fact that something positive can come out from whatever you fix your mind on. Now the question is who is a confident woman?


Who Is A Confident Woman?

A confident woman is a woman who believes in herself, she knows her aims,  pursues her purpose and achieves dreams irrespective of anyone's ideas that are contrary to hers. A confident woman is self-aware of her flaws and imperfections, she celebrates them and improves to be the better version of herself. She knows her worth and strength, when there is room for improvement she yields to it, and she knows when to let others take the lead.
A confident woman knows that life isn't perfect, and her goal is going out there just the way she wants it to get what she wants from it, she knows she is in charge of her destiny.

A confident woman is a woman who never questions anything she is told, instead, she goes in search of the truth and takes action from her discovery. She is someone who never allows the flow of life to take charge over her, rather she creates her world from the things life throws at her. A confident woman doesn't argue over every key point or try to make a point for her voice to be heard, neither is she afraid to say NO when necessary because she knows what she wants.

When you are confident, you feel safe and well secure, you carry yourself in a regal manner, you speak with equity, take positive action with boldness then walk with authority. Trying something new won't be a problem when you are confident, neither is failure an option because you know failure will birth more success in reaching your goal. Base on your wealth or accomplishments, you are not pressure, skeptical, or having second thoughts about the love show to you by people.


How To Be A Confident Woman.

Every woman wants to be confident but not all are confident, the trait of a woman confident is found from within her, for you to be a confident woman you have to work on yourself from the inside out, you have to see yourself in a positive light, see yourself as a goal getter, know what you want and act like it, then all these potentials will be seen out worldly as a confidant that you posses.

Now I will be telling you how to be a confident woman and be that lady with class that deserves the attention of others.



be that lady with class that deserves the attention of others. Confidence woman



1: To Be A Confident Woman, Let Your YES Be YES AND Your NO Be NO.

As a confident woman you should never be a people pleaser or be known for it at all, never be afraid to say NO and let your YES be YES. When a confident woman uses the word YES just know she means everything she says, the people around her stick to her word, and she has no time for negative thinking because she is always positive, she strife to see the positive side of things, and surround herself with positive people.

A confident woman says NO when the (word NO) calls for it, she doesn't speak or act to be in anybody's good book, she does what is pleasing to her and what she knows is right. Sometimes saying NO most of the time is harder than saying YES, but the best way for you to escape from it is the ability to set boundaries to some things, and if you are very good at holding lines up, then you are free.



2:  Be Fearless And Bold.

You can be cloud with fear and thrown to procrastination, but taking a bold step against all odds is the biggest thing you can give yourself if you want to be a confident woman. Be bold, fearless and brave to know that even if you make a wrong decision, you are making it for a good reason. Never you subject yourself to fear, because fear comes with tourment.

I remember being bull in my high school days, I lost the confident i hard in myself, could not face my bullers, i was so push to the wall, that i told myself is either i face the bullers or nothing else, when i made that decision they came for me as usal but it was not business as usual, with boldness i confronted them i was fearless, that was the end of me being bull in school. you can do that too. confront whatever it is that has limit you, made you lost confident in yourself with boldness.

Take hold of your inner self, and cast out every fear with boldness, try out new things, and tell yourself "even if you fall you will rise over it, and never fall again". This words back up with action will give you courage to overcome fear.

Also be committed to the things you do, be committed to yourself don't move away from your dream or your goal, and hold strong to yourself, When you find something you love doing embrace it, hold strong and give it the best you can give it because you are a special being, you are loaded with power, with strength, believe it or not, you are confident.


3: Hold Your Head Up High.




3: Hold Your Head Up High. Confident woman



I do this all the time, when people tells me, you can't go to such and such in a place, they will intimidate me, or make me feel less of myself, I tell them watch me as I go. And when I move I hold my head up high, walk like a queen that I am, garnish myself with the charisma within me, and present myself like a royal, because I know my worth. I always make sure my outward appearance make positive statement. You too can do the same.

There are times when your outward appearance speaks for you, actually it speaks for you all the time. The way you present yourself shows the way you feel and the way you think Inside of you. Firstly for you to look confident on the outside,you have to build confident on the inside, because the inside is what determine thr outside. You have to work on your mind and tell yourself that you are confident and bold and that your possess the quality of a confident woman, then you act like one.

As a confident woman, you feel more confident on the inside when you tell yourselves positive affirmation and carry it out by  demonstrating the following




Standing tall, what I mean by this is keep eye contact with people when talking with them, when communicating with people keep eye contact, look straight into their eyes with that you will appear more confident to anyone you are talking to, but when you are talking to someone and you are wigging your eyes then it shows that there's no self-confident.

If you want to look confident then you must maintain eye contact when you talk to someone or when they talk to you, Don't be distracted by your phone or something else. Don't look down or look somewhere else when talking. Learn to make eye contact that tells a lot about your confidence. Avoid common behaviour that distracts you from making eye contact


4: Make Sure Self-Care Is Your Number One Priority

As a confident woman you need to take good care of yourself, you need to look good in your inward and your outward appearance no matter how busy you are, you must schedule time to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

For you to be more confident, you must begin by filling your world with the best routine ever.

1: Making new hair.

2: changing your wardrobe.

3: Buying coffee.

4: candlelit bubble bath.

5: Going for a walk with a friend.

6: Scrumptious facial on your face.

7: Taking out time for meditation.

Self care which is one of my articles will give you more insight on how to prioritize your self-care routine to make you become that confident woman you want to be.

Furthermore We women pretend to be confident most of the time, but if we can do most of the things we've been saying and not procrastinate, then we will move towards being the confident and pragmatic women we've always wanted to be.


5: Think Independently.
5: Think Independently. Confident woman


Don't make people make decisions for you, if you want to be a confident woman, you have to learn to think independently and make decisions all by yourself without the help of anyone. Never allow people to determine your value in life or your goal, you must have in mind what you want to do, and aim at the very best of what you want to achieve. Never give room to people to make decisions about your professional life. You are the boss of yourself and whatever decision you make will produce a positive or negative result. So never let anyone stand in the gap of your decision.

And don't try to please anyone by asking for their permission to think on your behalf. I've come to see In life that not everyone will like you, it's better to stop having a perfect record for everyone and start celebrating yourself for who you are, and when people come to see how successful you are by the decisions you made,  they will want to know what the Brain behind it.

Note __ Those who want to control you, and take charge of you will always look down at you and even disrespect you why because you allow them to control you. So do what you can do and leave the world in suspense. You should take charge and not let other people make your decision.


6: Try New Things.

It's always empowering and exciting when you try out new things, never allow your pride to run you down or run you over. A confident woman must be bold, when you are bold you can try new things through your decision.

Personally, I don't like basketball ball, but a particular day I decided to take a move by going to basketball class and at the end of the day, what I hated the most became my very best, though I was scared, I never allowed my fear to run me down.

It's good to embrace failure and get a good result of success then leave up with your failure.


7: Talk The Talk.
7: Talk The Talk. Confident woman


70 per cent of women out there have a bad habit of talking softly and quietly, these makes them less confident in themselves. when you speak out with boldness you become confident and get the attention of the people. However, don't just try to speak out loud with boldness when you don't have something captivating and inspirational to say because you will end up flopping.

Instead, when trying to talk the talk with boldness make sure whatever thing you are about to say is backup with inspiration and wisdom because these boost your confidence and cause people to see you as a confident intellectual woman.

I can remember some years back when fear was my second name, I was called to give a speech and it happen to be my first time addressing the crowd, the hall I was given for the speech was one thousand LT HALL,( filled with one thousand people) you could see the crowd I talked to, at first I was trembling, I had stage fright. instantly I remember what my teacher taught me back then in school he quote --- IF YOU ARE CALLED UPON TO GIVE A SPEECH DON'T LOOK AT THEIR EYES, ALWAYS LOOK ABOVE THEIR HEAD AND SEE THEM LIKE KIDS. I implemented it, and funny enough it worked for me.

Remember the main reason for this talk The talk is because as a confident woman, you don't want to be obnoxiously loud or like a female embodiment.

A confident woman is always a confident woman, but if you are not one today and you want to be one, try speaking up loud when you look at yourself in the mirror, try lowering your voice too when you look at the mirror, practice all round and settle for that one which is convenient for you to handle.

8: Live Your Life The Best Way You Can.

Always be happy and enjoy your life the very best way you you always wanted to live. If you love travelling or going on a vacation around the world, take time for yourself and do it. As a confident woman, let your confidence be built around your life. Do what makes you happy and be confident about it. Let your confidence speak volumes that people can see and appreciate you for who you are, without holding back.

As a confident woman when you can accomplish what you've always dream of, you will be satisfied, the joy will radiant around you, and it will be perceive by people around you, by so doing there is a boldness tie to it, not boldness for pride, but boldness to tell someone you come across to try doing something that they always wanted to do.


Confidence is something you build and develop from time to time. I've share a lot of tips on how to be the confident woman you always want to be and I strongly believe that you will work with every piece of information in this article, and not stop here, but move out from your fear to accomplish your goal as that confident woman. this is a new beginning, a new step, so choose a bike step by step in building that confident woman.



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xoxo, Denoshe
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